Grooming: 'It's all lies!'

Sabir wouldn’t lie to you. He’s a Muslim:

Islam sanctions sex slavery for Infidel women, and Shabir Ahmed was making it his business. But true to form for Islamic supremacists, he has claimed victim status, saying he is a victim of “Islamophobia.”

“Rochdale grooming gang leader gets 22 years,” from the BBC, August 2

‘It’s all lies!’: Leader of sex gang ejected from dock as he yells at judge jailing him for ‘campaign of rape’ against young girl

  • Shabir Ahmed, 59, imprisoned for 22 years today for abuse of a young girl
  • He has been named today as the ringleader of a separate sex gang who raped others for which he was jailed for 19 years in MayAhmed shouted ‘It’s all lies. It’s all concocted by the police,’ as he received his sentence
  • By Martin Robinson  (Daily Mail)

    Vile: Shabir Ahmed systematically rape of a young girl over the course of 14 years

    Vile: Shabir Ahmed systematically rape of a young girl over the course of 14 years

    The ringleader of a gang of men who groomed vulnerable girls for sex has today also been jailed for 22 years for a ‘campaign of rape’ against a different child in his own community.

    Shabir Ahmed, 59, led an exploitation ring of nine men who were all imprisoned earlier this year after they abused many young girls in the Rochdale and Oldham areas.

    He was jailed for 19 years in May following an 11-week trial at Liverpool Crown Court relating to their violent abuse.

    And today he can be named as he received another prison term – to run concurrently – after he was also convicted in June of 30 counts of child rape in his own area.

    His identity was kept secret to allow him a fair trial.

    A jury heard he raped and sexually abused the innocent youngster over many years and treated her as a ‘possession’ whom he used for his own sexual gratification.

    Ahmed, of Oldham, will in effect serve an additional three years to the sentence imposed at Liverpool Crown Court.

    Sentencing him at Manchester Minshull Street Crown Court, Judge Mushtaq Khokhar was forced to removed Ahmed from the dock before he passed sentence as he was persistently interrupted by the defendant.

    Before his ejection, Ahmed shouted: ‘It’s all lies. It’s all concocted by the police.’

    He then looked over at the Press bench and snarled: ‘What are you looking at?’

    The court heard that Ahmed remained ‘in denial’ of his guilt of the repeated rapes of his victim for more than a decade.


    His victim was ‘completely vulnerable’ and too young to understand what was happening to her when he first abused her.

    It then became a case of control and power amid a background of ‘intimidation and coercion’, said the judge.

    Jailed: The rapist was jailed again at Minshull Street Manchester Crown Court just two months after being jailed for his part in a large sex gangJailed: The rapist was jailed again at Minshull Street Manchester Crown Court just two months after being jailed for his part in a large sex gang

    On occasion she would protest and cry but Ahmed would continue, he added.

    The judge said an aggravating feature was that the defendant did not use any protection while raping the girl.

    The jury in his trial was told that the victim felt a sense of shame about what happened to her, which stopped her reporting it to the police for many years.

    She had ‘rejected the idea of ever marrying or having a sexual relationship with a man of her choosing’ because of the impact of what she had suffered.

    Today the court heard the victim suffered from low self-confidence and had been forced to move away because she cannot face people in her community.

    Judge Khokhar said: ‘Her future prospects are bleak, as she puts it.

    ‘She still lives under fear because of what the defendant might do when he comes out of prison.’

    Explaining his sentencing, he said: ‘These are serious offences but I have taken care in considering whether a life sentence is appropriate in this case.

    The abuse began at two takeaways in the Heywood area of Rochdale, including the Balti House (pictured), which is under new ownershipShame: The abuse of the gang he ran began at two takeaways in the Heywood area of Rochdale, including the Balti House (pictured), which is under new ownership

    Under new ownership: The Tasty Bites takeaway - now renamed Bakar's - was the other takeaway at the centre of the scandalAlso under new ownership: The Tasty Bites takeaway – now renamed Bakar’s and sold on to new owners – was the other takeaway at the centre of the scandal

    ‘Given that the defendant is already serving a 19-year sentence that was imposed earlier this year at another court, I think that in my judgment the public will be protected from him, as will the victim, if I was to pass a determinate sentence in this case which will run concurrently to the sentence he is already serving.

    ‘This was a campaign of rape. There are no extenuating circumstances.’

    Ahmed’s life as an abuser was laid bare by his involvement, kept secret until today, with a sex gang that terrorised a large area of north west England.

    He and several others raped vulnerable teenage girls – who he told to call him ‘Daddy’.

    The pervert would befriend his teenage victims and ply them with alcohol before carrying out his attacks.

    The takeaway worker and former taxi driver was given a 19-year sentence for conspiracy, two rapes, aiding and abetting rape, sexual assault and sex trafficking.

    One of Ahmed’s victims in the original grooming case said his public naming-and-shaming had finally brought her some closure.

    The girl – who was herself raped by Ahmed after he plied her with vodka above the Tasty Bites takeaway in Heywood – said: ‘I’m just glad people can know who he is and what he’s done. He’s just such an evil man. I know what he’s done to me – it’s obvious now from this second trial that he’s been doing this for years and ruined a lot of lives.

    ‘If anybody deserves to spend the rest of their lives in prison, it’s him. I’m just relieved it’s all over – it’s some kind of justice.’

    Her father, who watched from the public gallery as Ahmed was convicted in May said: ‘He is horrible, evil – the vilest, most perverted individual.

    ‘This will never go away for my daughter and all the other victims. He has condemned them to a lifetime of torture thinking about what he’s done.’

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  1. You will not hear about it in the left wing papers. But, then again those editors and journalists will be the first against the wall after the revolution passes!

  2. Tonight on ABC TV, Part 1 of an English programme “Silent Witness”, was about a group of Moslems grooming very young English girls for sex. One young girl was romanced by a handsome Moslem. He fed her drugs, locked her in a room, then sent his mates into the room – one at a time. Ugly, older Moslems. Two other men of the group are in the process of enticing two young schoolgirls into their lair. Buying them clothes and jewellery. Part 2 will be shown next week.

    At last, the media is starting to acknowledge that Moslem men are grooming young English girls for forced sex. It was a surprise to see the crime featured in an English programme and shown on ABC TV.

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