Ill. Gov. Pat Quinn participates in 'Eid-al Fitr' Idolatry; bows to allah cursing Christians & Jews….

Holy Tosh

Sahloul came to Chicago in 1989,  he (says) he intended to go back to Syria, but he never did. (No Muslim who has the chance to stay ever does.)

“This country also has given me a lot. I grew as a person. I grew as an activist and as a community leader,” Sahloul said.

America has already an ‘activist’ and a ‘community organizer’, do we really need more of his kind?

For Dr. Zaher Sahloul, the holy month of Ramadan has tested his strength and recharged his spirit.

He asked God  allah to grant a sense of responsibility to politicians who condemn Islam just to win votes. He prayed for his brethren whose sacred spaces have been targeted by vandals.

“When you demonize the Muslims, unfortunately that will energize their base,” Sahloul said. “This type of language does not help. It creates an atmosphere of fear and suspicion.”

Its not ‘language’.  Its Muslims and jihad who cause  an atmosphere of fear and suspicion….

More at Chicago Tribune

BRIDGEVIEW  — Gov. Pat Quinn is calling for respect and tolerance of religious differences as Muslims mark the end of the holy month of Ramadan.

Quinn spoke at a Muslim prayer service in Bridgeview on Sunday. He says he honors Muslims’ commitment to their faith and will “vigorously protect” the right of Illinois’ more than 400,000 Muslims to practice it.

He renounced recent incidences of violence and intimidation based on religion.

The governor also signed a new law to protect college students who miss a class or exam because they’re observing a religious holiday.

It takes effect Jan. 1.

Sounds just like the Hamburg pact of Umar!

Ramadan is considered the holiest month of the year in the Islamic faith, and Muslims fast each day from sunrise to sunset.

The month ends with a three-day festival known as Eid.

6 thoughts on “Ill. Gov. Pat Quinn participates in 'Eid-al Fitr' Idolatry; bows to allah cursing Christians & Jews….”

  1. his career in politic under obama is now sure and guaranteed…
    4 more years of this administration and the Caliphate already taking shape in NA, ME and EUROPE…will reach also the USA

  2. Which is why, laisa158, there will be a major conflict after which the musilms will be gone.

  3. The return of the Caliphate is given,and prophet Muhamed mentioned that 1400 years ago.he told that there will be a priod of Muslim weekness despite their increasing numbrs…then Muslim will take over and the Caliphate will rutern.

  4. No, there will be a conflict, but after the conflict the muslim umma will either cease to exist or it will have learned how to treat others with respect. . their choice … mo the pedophile was wrong, and he and his ilk will be gone … forever .. and forever is a long time.

  5. From a commenter at Gateway:

    “Christians and Muslims believe in the same god. Abraham’s god. Moses’ god. Where they differ is in their belief that Jesus/Muhammad is the one true prophet/savior. Praying to god is the same for all Jews, Muslims and Christians.”

    islam is REVISIONIST history. islam is REPLACEMENT theology. the quran is a PLAGIARISM of the Bible. allah is NOT the same god as the God of the Bible.

    mohammad was an illiterate sand monkey child rapist that claimed that the Bible was a corruption of the quran. He claimed that all the figures in the Bible were actually all muslims and reworked the stories of the Bible to twist the prophets into muslims.

    Jesus was NOT a muslim. Moses was NOT a muslim. the fact that the quran claims they were proves that the quran is a fraud.

    muslims know that the God of the Bible is not allah. That’s why they scream ALLAHU ACKBAR. literally translated to ALLAH IS GREATER


    Stop peddling the 3 Abrahamic faiths LIE. It has always been a ploy by Unity in diversity multiculturalists to fool Jews and Christians into accepting mohammad as an actual prophet and not the evil maniacal slave trading child rapist he is.

    hey folks, com’on, not to worry..

    Barry has everything under control..


    “I am confident that we can create a Kingdom right here on Earth.”

    ‘We are God’s partners in matters of life and death’

    ‘my individual salvation is not gonna come about
    without a collective salvation for the country’ ….

    see?? /s/

    oh yeah, a tad long, but interesting; Exposing
    The New Age Agenda [One World Religion]..

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