Indonesia Battles Shia Rafidah

“If you remain Shiites, we will burn your houses and if you oppose us, you will be killed.”

Indonesia is once again affected by violent acts of religious intolerance. Recently, a group of people attacked a Shiite community in Sampang region, East Java, on Aug. 26. Two Shiite men died while trying to protect the children and women of the community.

“Shia is not a deviant sect, it is only different from us”

Inter-religious hostility  is pervading Indonesian society. Flames of hatred against the minority Shiite community in Indonesia have been fanned by the religious leaders who label the stream of teaching as “deviant”, and propose a conversion to the majority Sunni teachings to resolve the conflict once and for all.

Intra-Islamic religious intolerance is growing in Indonesia, says Dr Greg Fealy, an Australian specialist on Islam in the country.

Sampang: Four killed in clashes between Sunnis and Shiites. Criticism of Government’s inaction
Police guard a Shiite boy as he is escorted to safety after the attacks in Sampang district.
Interfaith tension still high on Madura island. Eight injured and dozens of homes destroyed in yesterday’s clashes. A family feud and rivalry between groups are likely to lead to open conflict. Activists, intellectuals and civil society against President Yudhoyono and the central executive. (by Mathias Hariyadi)