Israel Egypt Relations


This evening we find ourselves with massive Egyptian forces deployed  literally on our border.

This is not the time for wishful thinking.  This is not the time to wait and see how things progress.


“A signal by the Muslim Brotherhood that power is now firmly concentrated in the hands of the Islamist civilian government”–Read More »

Cairo: Egyptian President Mohammed Mursi on Sunday sacked the powerful Army chief and his No 2 and annulled a constitutional amendment issued by the generals, in a drastic move by the new-to-power Islamists to shuffle the top brass of the entrenched military.  (Wasn’t this the plan from the start?)


One thought on “Israel Egypt Relations”

  1. Our best hope is that the Muslims do what the Muslims do, fight each other! Now only if we can make sure that happens….. and stay out of it!

    Obama is in bed with the MB. It’s not even subtle but in your face. Does Romney have a clue? He did meet with General Boykin, much to CAIR’s whining, but can he believe, or just say ‘it’s unbelievable, that can’t be true.’

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