Italy Deports: Muslim Hate Preacher & Bomb Maker Gets the Boot

Italy expels former imam jailed for jihad sermons, terror training

Italian surveillance revealed that  imam Korchi El Mostapha (Ponte Felcino Mosque, near Perugia), and two aids: Mohamed El Jari (47), and Driss Safika (46), trained youngsters in bomb making and guerrilla combat in the Mosque compound.

If this were a priest, there would be international front-page news on it for weeks. On this, nothing. “Italy expels former imam jailed for terror training,” from ANSA, July 30 (thanks to JW):

In the UK they lack the resolve to get rid of muselmanic perverts:

Italy expels former imam jailed for terror training (ANSA) – Perugia, July 30 – Italy has expelled the former imam of a mosque in suburban Perugia, following his release from prison where he served a six-year sentence for terrorist training.Moroccan Mostapha El Korchi, former imam of the mosque at Ponte Felcino, was released and repatriated from Rome’s main Leonardo da Vinci airport.

He was regarded as a central character in an investigation that led counter-terrorism authorities in Italy to arrest him and two Moroccan assistants, and seize a wide range of materials.

El Korchi had been under surveillance for months with police tracking his Internet activity and recording public sermons in favour of jihad or holy war, police said at the time of his arrest.

El Korchi, who was active in training would-be terrorists, served his sentence in a prison in southern Italy and was then immediately expelled as ordered by the courts in his sentence.

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