Leftist Rabble, Mustards & BDS Crackpots Celebrate Free Speech Against Max Brenner in Melbourne

Pali rights activists return to the Max Brenner store at Melbourne’s QV square after their court victory for free speech and assembly in Victoria.

The usual garbage – Israel Apartheid, Israeli “genocide”, the poor Palistanians etc.

Introducing a new company called “Morons Inc” including:
1. Socialist Alliance
2. BDS
3. Jews against Apartheid (the self-loathing kind)
4. Students for Palestine (just where the hell is Palestine?)
The usual assortment of deluded rabble.

Protest at QVB Celebrates Free Speech Win

Next protest on 31st August at 6pm.

7 thoughts on “Leftist Rabble, Mustards & BDS Crackpots Celebrate Free Speech Against Max Brenner in Melbourne”

  1. Everyone should go to Max Brenner as often as possible in defiance of these deluded idiots.

  2. We need lots of big We Love Israel rallies. Maybe they should start and / or finish at the Max Brenner cafes in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne.

    Keep an eye on the BDS idiots – watch their website for their upcoming hatefests – and if, say, we know they plan to converge on the Melbourne or Sydney store/s at such and such a time on such and such a date, make sure that a large contingent of visibly identifiable loud and proud Friends of Israel, both Jew and Gentile, have gotten there FIRST. Plan and practise beforehand: imagine a ‘flash mob’ choir standing up at their tables, hot chocolate in hand, and defiantly singing Ha Tikva or ‘Jerusalem of Gold’ or other suitable songs, when the rabble appear.

    Can anybody out there design a ‘I am a Gharkad Tree’ t-shirt or poster, to be displayed on such occasions? A few more suggested slogans: “Defy Muslim Jew-Hatred” “NO! to Jihad Genocide”, “Resist the Jew-Hating Genocidal Ummah”. “Down With Muslim Imperialism!”

  3. Christmas Spirit in the Bourke St Mall…Come and get it from 6th December 2012 !!!

    Don’t buy Israeli apartheid for Xmas | Public event · By Vashti Jane

    6 December 2012
    Join Students for Palestine in a Christmas action against Israeli apartheid. ‘Don’t buy Israeli apartheid for Xmas’ will take place during the peak time of Christmas shopping and will encourage shoppers to think about the oppressive situation for Palestinians.

    Bourke St Mall
    View map · Get directions


    1. Is it this one?

      Jew-haters at uni, ranting at chocolates

      Andrew Bolt

      “Anti-Zionism” is a polite way of describing what often seems no more than the old anti-Semitism – now nestling in the Left.

      Peter Wertheim and Julie Nathan:

      WHEN the University of NSW surveyed staff and students about which new stores they wanted on campus, a Max Brenner chocolate shop was the equal second most popular choice. This has not deterred the anti-Israel Students for Justice in Palestine UNSW from seeking to impose its own preferences on the rest of the campus community.

      They accuse UNSW … of supporting “Israeli war crimes” and “apartheid”…

      The Facebook page RALLY! Say no to Max Brenner at UNSW was set up by SJP via the Boycott Max Brenner at UNSW Facebook group…

      The racist postings include a reference to “evil greedy money-loving nature of Jews”, and the claim that “Only news (that) Jews are happy with goes through via media”. Another post reverts to classical religious bigotry: “Of course I have a problem with Jews. You are not the cursed people and were not Banished from the holy land for nothing lol.” Non-Jews who defend Jews come in for opprobrium with the comment: “Tip rats = Jew lovers.”

      An especially vicious post rails against “the dirtiest most evil people on earth using the holocaust to their advantage as leverage to establish the state of israel. it was all planned.”…

      SJP has yet to ask itself why it provides a sympathetic home for naked Jew-hatred.

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