"Moderate" PA sheikh: "Strike with an iron fist" those who eat in public during Ramadan; Muhammad said if one doesn't fast "his blood is permitted" to be shed

This is about you, infidel: under the sharia even non-Muslims are banned from eating in public during the month of fasting,

But remember: these are the moderates. These are the voices of calm, reason and tolerance, with whom we can and must negotiate and make concessions to show our good will. “PA Sheikh: ‘Strike with an iron fist’ those who eat in public during Ramadan,” by Itamar Marcus for Palestinian Media Watch, August 22 via JW:


The PA sheik is not alone:

Norway: Muslim cleric calls for beheading of those who fail to fast on Ramadan– the  sama Norwegian-Paki imam Fayed Sarased Ali Bukhari, wants to establish a school for 200 children in the Oslo area.

 Imam Imam Fayed Sarased Ali Bukhar calls for beheadings for those who mock Islam 

… and those who don’t pray 5 times a day must be incarcerated, at least. Surprisingly, there is (still) some resistance…..

A Palestinian Authority cleric has ruled that the PA must prohibit eating in public during Ramadan and should severely punish anyone who violates this law. To back up his ruling, he cited a Hadith (Islamic tradition attributed to Muhammad) that for anyone who fails to fast, “his blood becomes permitted [to be shed].” He called on PA police to “strike with an iron fist” and give “the heaviest punishments” to those who eat in public.Palestinian Media Watch reported earlier this month that the PA has prohibited even non-Muslims from eating in public during the month of fasting, and that 6 people had been arrested by the PA for public eating.

The following is the text of the ruling, which was published by Sheikh Hassan Ahmed Jaber, Mufti of the Rafiah district and a member of the Supreme Council for Religious Rulings in Palestine, in his daily Ramadan column:

“The Prophet [Muhammad] said: ‘The pillars of religion and foundations of Islam are three, and whoever neglects any one of them – his blood is permitted [to be shed]: the testimony that there is no God but Allah; fasting [during Ramadan]; and prayer.’ [Hadith] Anyone who eats in public during Ramadan, denying the commandment of the fast and renouncing it, is violating Allah’s laws and rebelling against Allah, Who said: ‘O you who believe! Fasting is prescribed for you, as it was prescribed for those before you…’ [Sura 2, verse 183]. [By eating] he leaves the circle of Islam, and his blood becomes permitted [to be shed]. Also, eating in public during Ramadan hurts the sensitivities of all Muslims around the entire world…
Therefore, I call upon all our [security] services in the PA to strike with an iron fist anyone who gives in to temptation and eats in public during Ramadan, by applying the heaviest punishments, until our society is pure, clean and close to Allah.”
[Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, Aug. 13, 2012]

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  1. Muslims are so fecking weak that seeing someone else eat whilst they choose to fast, makes them want to throw over their own religious beliefs, so easily.

    How pathetic.

    But, then Muslims were never know for their strength of character.

    The only moderate and intelligent Muslims are the apostates.

  2. Thats what I don’t like about Breivik rather kill this invading allahbot and doing a great service for his country and people he murdered these misguided leftists that could have changed their views in a few years.

    His message would have been loud and clear then. You want to behave like an extra in a chuck connors film fine. Leave or die.

  3. Compulsion, compulsion, compulsion. Can’t these so called enlightened people think for themselves?

    To think they have the audacity to hijack the major achievements in history? yet they can’t eat during their so called festivals because it offends a nutcase?

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