Motoons Shock German Muslims (Yawn)

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When leftist rabble teams up with muselmanic headbangers they usually run amok  and destroy other peoples property. In such a criminal environment it is inevitable that a ranking order is established, and typically, the same Bolshewiks who once declared that “Religion is Opium for the People” instinctively recognise their superiors: once the soldiers of allah bring out the prayer rugs the rabble devoutly hang their heads. Leftist scum converts to the ‘religion of peace’ faster than Karl Marx can turn in his grave.

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Prophet depictions shown in Berlin anti-Islamization demo

The 2005 publication of Muhammad caricatures in a Danish newspaper triggered riots in many Muslim countries. Islamic law generally opposes any depiction of the prophet.   (Just a reminder: last time I checked Europe was not yet under Islamic law. The subservient and preemptive  dhimmitude of the journaillie is despicable.)

Shock Horror!

Head of nationalist Pro-Germany movement Rouhs sings national anthem during rally near mosque in Berlin

The national anthem in Germany? What next? Nazis?

The head of the nationalist Pro-Germany movement, Manfred Rouhs (C) sings the German national anthem during a rally near a mosque in Berlin, August 18, 2012.–Story and pic at AlertNet

Pro Deutschland activists rallied outside a mosque reputed to be a hotbed of the Islamic Salafist community on Saturday carrying a placard reading “Stop Islamisation” as well as the cartoon.–More cartoonophobia at The Express Tribune

Far-right activists stage an anti-Muslim protest at a Berlin mosque 

Islamic law prohibits depictions of the prophet.

Members of German far-right group display prophet cartoons in mosque demos; protests peaceful

Far-right activists stage anti-Muslim protest

A far-right group has staged a protest outside a Berlin mosque against what it says is the “Islamisation” of Germany. The protesters brandished a caricature of the Prophet Mohammed in a move likely to spark widespread anger.

And so on and so on, blindly repeating the line that Mo is a prophet.