Muselprop Machine Spins Like Iranian Centrifuges After Sikh Attack

Muselpropagandists worldwide  have rarely seen a better opportunity  to milk an atrocity to the last drop of blood:

Islamaphobia in UK increased since 9/11  —experts believe was secretly organized by the Zionist lobby

Sikhs in the UK, say they have become a target for increased harassment since the September 11 incident in the United States 2001 that experts believe was secretly organized by the Zionist lobby. –More on what “experts believe” at Iranian Press TV via Mullah

“Kill Bachmann”

Supreme headbanger Wajahat Ali:

How much longer will we tolerate politicians who stoke bigotry like that which drove Wade Michael Page to kill?

We have yet to determine if Page mistook Sikhs for Muslims, but such questions are irrelevant. In today’s Islamophobic atmosphere, there has been increased marginalization of all AMEMSA (Arab, Middle Eastern, Muslim, South Asian) communities.—More marginalization at SALON

 How much longer will we tolerate primitive Islamic  scribblers like Wajahat Ali to poison the water supply?