Muslim Brotherhood Operative Suhail Khan Whines About "Peddlers of Hate" & "American Terror"

“In a war between the civilised man and the savage, support the civilised man!”

Support Israel!

Libs & mustards throwing hissy fits over “American Terror”- in the form of Pamela Geller’s bus ads. They openly called for vandalism against the ads, and that’s what we are seeing now.

From Al Jizz, of course:

Well, Grover Norquist’s MuBro buddy  Suhail Khan (who denies that the Muslim Brotherhood lives like maggots inside of the American cheese) doesn’t like Pamela Geller’s ads at all. Never mind this years 1000 atrocities during the very unholy ‘month of ramadan’- the real terror is “Islamophobia”.

You need a vomit bag to watch this. But keep in mind that despite the fact that the perps in this vid come across as stupid, dense  and boring, Suhail’s mob will kill and die for allah. Suhail Khan should have been locked up in Gitmo a long time ago. Treason & subversion are still punishable offences; but as long as Holder-Obama pervert America, things will get worse, and then some…..

Meanwhile, western dhimmies are bending over backwards to appease the Koranimals and savages  behind the global jihad:

NYC Transit Authority Sharia enforcement: ‘Political’ Ads On Islam Prompt Metro-North to Review Policies

Pamela Geller

Here’s the million dollar question. Scores of anti-Israel ads ran in cities across the country for years. Why didn’t those anti-Jewish ads cause the transit authority to review its policy? But one ad, our ad, citing a fact, the tens of thousands of deadly attacks since 911 all in the cause of Islam, is the catalyst for the transit authority to restrict of free speech in accordance with the blasphemy laws under the sharia.

This in the city that suffered the bloodiest attack on American soil, 911.

This AP headline is incorrect and misleading. The anti-Israel ads prompted no one to do anything except me. The anti-Israel ads prompted me to run ads exposing the global jihad, which led to this capitulation to sharia.

And if ads addressing Islam are political, why does it deserve religious protection? If Islam is a political system, one that threatens freedom and democracy, it should be treated as such. This is where the government must be challenged.

Political Ads On Islam, and Israel, Prompt Metro-North to Review Policies

Thousands of Deadly Islamic Terror Attacks Since 9/11

One thought on “Muslim Brotherhood Operative Suhail Khan Whines About "Peddlers of Hate" & "American Terror"”

  1. And yet every year “conservative” bloggers travel from across the USA to suck up to Suhail Muslim Brotherhood Khan at CPAC, and they cite Grover Norquist’s opinions on taxes as if he were not a treasonous jihad enabling tool. Grover says he doesn’t like taxes, but I’m sure he’d be fine with the jizya.
    Conservative bloggers who try to dissuade colleagues of their culturally suicidal dhimmitude are accused of wanting a “circular firing squad” as if that were the correct way to define efforts to get the right to stop shooting itself in the head.
    Pisses me the hell off.

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