Muslim Riots in France: "The confrontations were very, very violent"

Rioters torch school in northern France

8:12: Strike terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve!

Here, some pretty ugly pictures...

DOZENS of young men  Hundreds of Muselmaniacs  have gone on the rampage in a troubled district of northern France, pulling drivers from their cars and burning a school and a youth centre.

Sports and youth centre burned, drivers pulled from cars, and vehicles stolen in seven-hour rampage in city of Amiens.

Violence was said to be triggered by the arrest of a man for dangerous driving [Reuters]

As if they needed a reason!


French youths jostle minister visiting riot scene

(Reuters) –   Muslim Youths jeered and jostled France’s interior minister on Tuesday in the northern city of Amiens when he promised to restore law and order at the scene of overnight riots in which police were fired at with buckshot and pelted with missiles.

President Francois Hollande said the state would “mobilize all its resources to combat this violence”, which has shaken depressed quarters of major French cities at regular intervals over the past decade.

Police and emergency officials in Amiens were on high alert on Tuesday evening and some, speaking on condition of anonymity, said they feared a further flareup of violence.

Unrest is often blamed on a combination of poor job prospects, racial discrimination, a widespread sense of alienation from mainstream society and perceived hostile policing.

A crowd of about 100 young men met Interior Minister Manuel Valls when he arrived in Amiens to discuss two nights of violence apparently sparked by tension over spot police checks on residents.

“Calm down! Calm down!” Valls yelled as the crowd jostled him while he entered the town hall surrounded by bodyguards.

Valls said 17 police officers were hurt in the rioting, some hit by shotgun pellets, others by a hail of objects thrown by around 100 youths gathered in the city’s northern districts.

“Firearms! Can it be considered normal that people turn firearms on police? It’s unacceptable … law and order must be restored,” Valls told a news conference, adding that a minority of people were terrorizing the local community.

One officer was in serious condition, the city’s Socialist Mayor Gilles Demailly told Reuters.

Hollande, who ordered Valls to break off their joint visit to southeastern France and travel to Amiens, said too little money had been put into security in recent years.

“Our priority is security which means that the next budget will include additional resources for the gendarmerie and the police,” he said.

The unrest was the first major law and order test for Hollande’s Socialists since his May election victory over conservative incumbent Nicolas Sarkozy, whose tough policies on crime and immigration some critics said fanned urban unrest.

Ahmed, a 27-year-old jobless man who refused to give his family name, revealed the sense of anger some locals felt.

“Yesterday our little brothers did a good job,” he said. “Imagine if we got involved, then it would get serious. It’s a shame nobody got killed yesterday.”


The interior ministry sent reinforcements to Amiens, part of which was already classified as a “priority security zone” in need of extra policing. The policy formed part of the Socialists’ election campaign pledge on law and order.

Riot police and gendarmes sat in two dozen vans parked in the northern neighborhood where a recent face-lift included the building of a gymnasium, swimming pool and cultural center.

One resident, a taxi driver who gave his first name as Jonathan, called the perpetrators “a bunch of idiots.”

“It’s a game for them and will happen again. It’s just to cause trouble, because they are hurting their own people,” he said, blaming the riot on weak policing in recent years.

“It was a ‘no man’s land’ and now they want to put in a big police presence. That will only provoke them,” he said.

The immediate cause of the two days of disturbances appeared to have been a police spot check on Sunday on a person on the sidelines of a funeral of a young man killed in a road accident.

During a night of violence, rioters set fire to a number of vehicles, in some cases hauling the drivers out of their cars before burning them, mayor Demailly said.

A nursery school was among the buildings gutted in the riot, and a handful of burnt-out cars littered the streets late into Tuesday, though the area was otherwise calm. No one has been arrested so far.

Valls, a law and order hardliner who annoys some fellow Socialists, said there had been other cases this month of “urban guerrilla” behavior.

Mayor of a racially mixed suburb before being appointed to Hollande’s government, Valls was a spokesman a decade ago for Socialist Prime Minister Lionel Jospin, whose 2002 presidential election defeat was put down partly to his image as soft on law and order.

France has been rocked by bouts of rioting on a number of occasions in the past decade.

Weeks of rioting in 2005, the worst urban unrest in France in 40 years, led to the imposition of a state of emergency by the then centre-right government in which Hollande’s predecessor Sarkozy was interior minister.

Incidents involving police were the triggers for disturbances in 2007 and 2010.

The repeated bouts of violence have provoked agonized debate over the grim housing estates that ring many French cities and the integration of millions of poor whites, blacks and North African immigrants into mainstream society.

(Additional reporting by Jean-Francois Rosnoblet, Brian Love and Daniel Flynn; Writing by Brian Love; Editing by Tim Pearce)


At least 16 police men have been wounded in overnight clashes after dozens of young people took to the streets of northern France to protest the arrest of a man for dangerous driving.

Monday night’s clashes, between 100 local youth and up to 150 police, in a troubled area of the northern city of Amiens also left a primary school severely damaged by fire and a sports centre completely destroyed, local officials said on Tuesday.

“The confrontations were very, very violent,” Gilles Dumailly, Amiens mayor, told the French television network BFM.

Police in Amiens said the riot began around 9pm on Monday, ending around 4am after federal reinforcements arrived.

Police used tear gas and rubber bullets to quell the unrest after suffering injuries caused by buckshot, fireworks and other projectiles thrown by rioters.

The violence followed lower-scale clashes 24 hours earlier which were triggered by the arrest of a man for dangerous driving.

The arrest was seen as insensitive as it came as many residents of the neighbourhood were attending a wake for a local 20-year-old who had died in a motorbike accident.

The Socialist mayor of Amiens, said he had encountered a “scene of desolation” in the northern quarter of a city that is well known for its university and its 13th century Gothic cathedral.

“There have been regular incidents here but it has been years since we’ve known a night as violent as this with so much damage down,” Demailly told AFP news agency.

Earlier this month, the district in Amiens was among 15 areas declared the most troubled in France, and the government pledged more security and more money.

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  1. So what are you going to do France. Unless you permanently solve your muslim problem you can expect worse.

  2. That is true sheikyamumi but Australia is not doing anything to prevent it either.
    Our endeavors are suppressed, and used as an excuse to introduce more totalitarian control.

  3. Looks like there is a reverse Crusades.

    Muslims are trying to conquer Europe as the Euros tried to conquer the Holy Land.

    Which side will prevail?

  4. Interior Minister Manuel Valls deserves every hit he gets from those arab muslim thugs. He was the only hope of decent French people in this anti-Semitic, pro-islamist socialist new Government, and was considered at the right end of these left populists. The highest representative of the Law in France, the Minister for Justice – a nasty , anti-white racist piece of work called Taubira who hates France and (5 minutes after she was given the power by Hollande) has decreed that arab/muslim thugs, always euphemised as “disadvantaged youth” will not go to prison any longer as “they carry the stigma of former colonisaton on their shoulders”.

    And this “great white hope” Manuel Valls (of Spanish back ground) who was said not to see eye to eye with Christine Taubira (the minister for UN-justice) has – as soon as he was appointed, gone completely to water and has not stopped kissing islamic arses. I have lost count of how many times he has “broken fast” with the Muslim Arabs and visited mosques during this Ramadan. He has also quasi introduced the blasphemy laws in France and made it punishable to “stigmatise our muslim brothers and sisters” the cowardly crawler.

    As much as I liked France (and the French) I start to agree with the Sheik when he says: they have it coming to them. I am nearly on the side of these ugly thugs now, when they are showing it to Hollande, Valls and Taubira and prove that peaceful, decent co-existence with them is not possible, however much one plays the appeasing dhimmy.

    Oh – and the French media: no-where did they report that the perpetrators were exclusively muslim arabs with a generous sprinkling of sub-Saharan Africans – the very typical hordes that are destroying France at an ever accelerating speed.

  5. The Muslims with their terrible rioting in France is but the tip of the iceburg when it come to the evils of Islamic immigration into France.
    There is also the Muslim male rape of non-Muslim females. then there was that wicked Jewish school shooting by that Muslim who was also a jihadist with all the murders that he commit because of his religion. Furthermore the heinous actions of “honor killings” have also come to France because of unchecked Muslim innigration into that country. There are also non-violent burdens that come along with this, such as higher welfare costs . The list goes even furher then this of what’s wrong with all this Islamic immigration into France. This also goes for other countries of Europe as well.

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