“Nothing to do with religion or politics….”

Spoken like a true dhimmi:

One of the state’s most senior policemen says three shootings in the past two days have “nothing to do with religion or politics” and were simply examples of “criminals acting in a criminal manner”.

In fact, part of this is indeed about culture, which in turn is influenced by religion and politics: Of guns, culture and losing face

Now this is what I call a Jew-hatin’ Jew:

International Jewish Conspiracy Deepens

Hungarian parliamentarian Csanad Szegedi, who famously railed about the “Jewishness” of the political class, finds himself facing a sudden mid-life career change…   Continue Reading

Culturally Significant Ass

Saddam Hussein’s bottom has wound up costing British taxpayers thousands of pounds. From London’s Daily Mail…Continue ….

What is Labor’s problem with free speech these days? 

Labor: all spin, all the time!
Incredible. The Sydney Moonbat Herald’s Peter Hartcher congratulates Gillard for acting three years too late:   Had Labor listened three years ago..
Conflicted scribbler:

I think the National project is conquering the French:

5 thoughts on ““Nothing to do with religion or politics….””

  1. Hmm. If you’ve never seen it, how can you know it’s not the authentic left buttock? And why’s the guy holding it in the accompanying photograph? And how come Derbyshire constabulary are searching a Herefordshire cottage over a theft from Iraq a decade ago? No matter. I’m sure everyone had a grand old time. The British police are among the most useless in the world and launching an in-depth investigation into Saddam Hussein’s missing rear end seems almost too perfectly symbolic.

    Once the British police were the best. Now they are the worst, as they dont even pretend to catch criminals. But they are real good at arresting anyone who does not smile.

  2. As in Sweden and other European nations, the role of the police is no longer to protect the safety and property of citizens, but to prevent anyone from mentioning the multiculti emperor’s nudity.

  3. @Kaw & Thomas,

    Why is this a surprise? We all know the left have contempt for the police and the military.

    They only see the relavancy of the police when the left want to use the police to intimadate the populas into silence or acceptance of the current multicultural farce we are all subjected to in Europe.

    @Thomas, well said.

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