"Prophet Ibrahim's Kaaba"

Not that there is any historical or biblical record for this claim, but we all know that all our  biblical prophets were Muslims, right?

Remember: the soldiers of allah invented the wheel,  discovered America, Australia, the Caribic and the north pole,  and landed on the moon when we were living in the ‘dark ages’- there’s only one little thing missing: its spelled evidence, but never mind: the way the infidels are caving in to mohammedan mores the evidence will be found, one day, perhaps under a pile of skulls:

Al Arabiya “news:” “Abraham built the Kaaba”

No disclaimers here:

The shrine of the Prophet Abraham was adjacent to the Kaaaba, next to its gate, in the same condition he had left it. It had been there since the building of the Kaaba and until the time of second Caliph Omar Ibn Kattab who moved to the east, an action that only someone as strong and pious as him would be capable of doing.

Abraham’s shrine contains a stone that preserves the footprints of the Prophet Abraham. This was the stone on which he used to stand on when he built the Kaaba’s upper walls. In Islam, the shrine is sacred and is used for prayer. It also bears witness to a miracle because it shows how stone softened under Abraham’s feet.

Other news:

More links between Sinai terrorists and Palestinian Arabs

Egypt Independent reports:

The initial forensic report on the bodies of the Rafah checkpoint attackers suggests that the perpetrators were wearing military uniforms made in Nablus, Palestine at the time of the attack.

Also, Egypt requested specific people from Gaza to interrogate. They asked for Tzlmiha Doghmush, head of the Salafist “Army of Islam” group in Gaza, and two of his aides.

Today, Egypt raided another suspected terrorist base in the Sinai, and arrested six people. According to Arabic media, four of the suspects were of Palestinian origin.