Rohingyas: The "World’s Responsibility?" Not!

Absolutely Not.

Rohingyas, correctly depicted in this OnIslam propaganda piece as  ‘ Ethnic-Bengali Muslims”, are just that. And as such they must be resettled by either Bangladesh, Pakistan or any of the other 55 muselmanic  dumps in the world. The so-called Rohingyas have no place in Burma.

Murdering & looting ‘Rohingya’ thugs

Buddhists are such bad people for not wanting to surrender their country  to fast breeding genocidal rapists and looters.  Ban Ki Moonbat & his gang of UN crooks will be busy for some time to come.

According to reports, the Muslim minority in Myanmar is suffering from collective punishment perpetrated by the Buddhist majority for no reason. Racist massacres occurred on a large scale against Rohingyas.

No reason? Really. “Racist massacres?”- well, not yet. What we’re seen so far is just the tiniest bit of the dreaded ‘backlash’ that westerners never seem to get around to. But if it did happen I cannot think of anyone more deserving.

Here, in this article, also from IslamOnline, we get a little more truth:

Thousands of Rohingya Muslims were forced to flee their homes in June after ethnic violence rocked the western state of Rakhine after the killing of ten Muslims in an attack by Buddhist vigilantes on their bus.

The attack came following the rape and killing of a Buddhist woman, for which three Rohingyas were sentenced to death.

At least 77 people were killed in the violence and thousands of homes were burnt and hundreds of thousands of people were displaced.

Note the “Dubai” t-shirt, which shows that these ‘poor, oppressed Rohingya’s” are connected, indoctrinated and financed by the usual suspects. The imam with the henna dyed beard is of course totally brainwashed with emulating Muhammad, profit of Islam.