Rupert Murdoch: Best Way to Stop Terrorism is to Monitor the Mosques

The very best way is of course to not have mosques in the first place and to deport all headbangers. And make it so unpleasant for the rest that they leave voluntarily. But if you have a situation where you already stuck with the bastards then you don’t really have much of a choice other than to monitor the mosques.
He didn’t mention water boarding or cement shoes, what a shame!

( – Fox News Corporation CEO and Chairman Rupert Murdoch suggested that the way to combat terrorism inside the U.S. is to investigate the mosques.

Investigate this:

During an Aug. 14 discussion on immigration and the economy sponsored by the New England Council, Murdoch said, “I know that that is the case in Britain, but you look where you get the Muslim communities. They’re all fine people, but you want to have a look at the mosque and what they’re being told.

“And most of them are just fine, but there are a few who are rabble rousers and brain washers and send these kids back for a year to Pakistan. Then they come back. I think you’ll find – certainly in Britain I know they’re doing this,” he said.  (via WZ)


Two errors in this one passage – one from the reporter, the other from Galloway:

A RESPECTED British MP has outraged anti-rape campaigners by claiming allegations of Julian Assange having inappropriate sex with a woman while she was asleep is not rape.

George Galloway …. respected? By whom?

British muslim  MP George Galloway: Sex With Sleeping Women Not Rape But ‘Might Be Really Bad Manners’.…”It might be really bad manners not to have tapped her on the shoulder and said, ‘do you mind if I do it again?'”–Read More »

So poking a broomstick up his arse while he was sleeping would just be good clean fun huh??

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