The Serbs & the Jews


After the break-up of Serbia, I did a lot of research and came to the conclusion that Serbia was unjustly maligned. The Muslims were fighting them to achieve ethnic cleansing in Kosovo and ultimate secession. There was no massacre in Srebrenica as alleged. It was a major propaganda complaint that conned the world. Sound familiar? That’s why Freund talks about “Allegations of war crimes”. The sooner we restore relations the better. Of added interest is the fact that Russia has close ties with them and is developing closer ties with Israel. Ted Belman

How Serbia Could Emerge as a BridgeBy MICHAEL FREUND, Special to the NY Sun

Stolen Kosovo—  Frank Kitman


Imagine a country with a long and proud history that is regularly vilified by the international press. It faces mounting pressure to concede its ancient heartland and turn its back on a central part of its cultural and spiritual heritage.

Surrounded by numerous foes, in a region where ancient hatreds run deep, this diminutive but intrepid people perseveres, standing firm on principle rather than selling out its age-old patrimony.

As familiar as this reality may sound to our Israeli ears, there is a country in the heart of Europe which would find it no less resonant: Serbia.

And given the close ties that existed between Serbs and Jews throughout much of the past thousand years, it behooves Israel and world Jewry to forge closer bonds with Belgrade.

Of course, for much of the past two decades, Serbia was viewed by many Jews as a pariah because of the Balkan wars that followed the break-up of Yugoslavia.

Allegations of war crimes committed in Bosnia stirred up public opinion in America and the West, tarnishing the image of the Serbs and setting the stage for the subsequent confrontation over the status of Kosovo.

As a result, the age-old Serbian-Jewish relationship was nearly torn asunder, as many American-Jewish organizations and spokesmen chose to side with the Bosnians and the Kosovars in their struggle against the Serbs.

But the Serbia of 2012 is not the same as the Serbia of two decades ago. The country has changed course, leaving behind the authoritarianism of its past and fully embracing democratic values and norms. It has taken great strides to mend relations with its neighbors and extradited war crimes suspects to the International Criminal Court in The Hague.

As a result, the European Union recently agreed to grant Serbia’s request to be an official candidate for membership, bringing it one step closer to full integration with the rest of Europe.

To be sure, Serbia continues to reject the idea of independence for Kosovo. But who can blame them? After all, history is clearly on their side.

By the end of the 12th century, Kosovo was serving as the administrative and spiritual center of Serbia. It remained so for two centuries until the Battle of Kosovo Polje in 1389, when Ottoman Turkish invaders defeated the Serbs and their allies. Over time, Kosovo’s Serbs were largely displaced by Albanians, who now make up the majority of the province’s population.

But numerous medieval Serbian churches and monasteries that dot Kosovo’s landscape stand as tangible proof of the area’s historical identity.

So it is no wonder that successive Serbian governments have refused to countenance the idea of capitulating on the territory’s status.

However the Kosovo issue eventually plays out, Israel and world Jewry should seize the opportunity now to rekindle a stronger relationship with Belgrade.

From the start, the relationship between Serbs and Jews was shaped by a sense of humanity. In the 14th century, Jews fleeing persecution in Hungary found refuge in the Serbian kingdom.

And even after Serbia was defeated by the Ottoman Turks in 1389 and subsequently subjugated, the Serbs nonetheless welcomed Spanish and Portuguese Jews who were exiled from Iberia a century later.

The Serbian town of Zemun, on the outskirts of Belgrade, played an important role in the Zionist movement.

Rabbi Shlomo Alkalai, an early religious-Zionist visionary, preached there in the 19th century, and a Jewish couple grew up there whose grandson, Theodor Herzl, would later alter the course of Jewish history.

More recently, during the Holocaust, Jews and Serbs found themselves the targets of their Croatian fascist neighbors, the Ustashe, who were allied with Hitler and proved to be energetic executioners. The Ustashe slaughtered tens of thousands of Jews and more than half a million Serbs in an orgy of violence and terror that left deep scars throughout the region. That sense of shared suffering is one that Serbs continue to feel towards Jews, and it underlines their strong sense of solidarity with Israel and the challenges that it faces.

Indeed, in a August 3 interview I conducted with Serbian Ambassador to Israel Zoran Basaraba, which appeared in The Jerusalem Post , he highlighted what he described as “a natural affinity” between Serbs and Jews. This affinity, he believes, can serve as the basis for further enhancing ties between the two peoples.

But in order for this to happen, I believe that Israel and world Jewry must move now to embrace Serbia and to stop viewing the country solely through the lens of the Bosnian war and the Kosovo conflict.

The fact is that Serbia is uniquely positioned to serve as an important bridge between East and West. It has longstanding historical and ethnic ties to Russia, and it is poised to join the EU in the near future.

In the coming years, once its economy stabilizes and emerges from the doldrums, Serbia’s strategic and diplomatic importance will only continue to grow. And with militant Islam actively seeking a foothold in Europe – particularly in places such as Bosnia and Albania – Serbia will undoubtedly play an increasingly significant role on the front-lines of the war on terror.

During the 1990s, many American Jews rallied behind Bosnia and Kosovo, in effect viewing Serbia as a lost cause.

But in light of everything that has happened in the interim, it is time that we “find” Serbia again – both for their sake and our own.

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  1. I have been stating this for years – Clinton had us killing Christians for moslems. Thanks to our media and academia (that trains our media and politicians) we continually put secular names, or Westernize, the real perpetrators. They are afraid to call them MOSLEMS!

    But thanks for the information from this article. It goes into some things that I didn’t know.

  2. So how can my mother be dead, because she was killed there.

    Are you really that blind? Fucking serbs made massacre not only at kosovo, also at croatia, bosnia etc… they wanted to kill the whole balkan.

    Stop spreading stupid lies… you brainless creatures. You are halluzinating on your hatred on muslims, that you go so far like the US government. You are all same, by doing and spreading lies like this.

    Dont you understand?

  3. picar! a strange post, a veritable “curates egg “of a post methinks, strangely fluent in parts
    yet pidgin in others…..
    I dont believe a word of what you have written

  4. “More recently, during the Holocaust, Jews and Serbs found themselves the targets of their Croatian fascist neighbors, the Ustashe, who were allied with Hitler and proved to be energetic executioners. The Ustashe slaughtered tens of thousands of Jews and more than half a million Serbs in an orgy of violence and terror that left deep scars throughout the region. That sense of shared suffering is one that Serbs continue to feel towards Jews, and it underlines their strong sense of solidarity with Israel and the challenges that it faces.”

    History is written by the victors, who always have an interest in exaggerating the evil of the defeated, while downplaying their own atrocities. This of course also applies to ustaches jasenovic camp. The number 500.000 is not taken serious by historians anymore , and has been refuted by both croat (zerjavic) and serb (kocovic) statiticians who independently placed the number of serb casualties in the jasenovac at around 50.000. And this, is as far as I know including all causes of death (starvation, diesease, killings etc)

    It should also be noted that, when it comes to stories about gross abnormal cruelties, such as the one about the franziscan monk and law student, who allegedly bragged about killing 1300 prisoners within an hour with a pocket knife, a little scepticism cannot hurt. E especially if he describes this experience as an “extatic joyride” – such confessions are simply greuel-propaganda, often written in advance and signed off after torture sessions.

    If you read german, you can read the absurd testimony here

    A good anti-dote to a knee-jerk belief in atrocity propaganda is the film “The last days of the big lie”

    I personally find that film incredibly disturbing on quite a few levels!

    1. “History is written by the victors”-

      Fine, I’ll bite.

      Who wrote and who still writes the history of Kosovo, Bosnia & Herzegovina? Who wrote the BS about the Islamic ‘Golden Age’ in Al Andalus?

      Who will write the history of the Christian Copts in Egypt? And who will write the history of India and Indonesia’s Buddhists and Hindus?

  5. In the Yugoslavian war the Serbs were not that innocent. True that muslims killed many Serbs, but the war between Serbia and Croatia is a different story. The Serbs attacked Croatians over disputed teritory of Krajina in time in which Croatia had no army and was defenceless, as most of the equipment of the Yugoslavian army took the Serbs. Not only the Serbs took Krajina but also started to attack deepland croatian cities (Zadar, Sibenik) killing many civilians. Croatia then was forced by president Clinton to create a federation with Bosnia in order to get help from the West, so that they could defend themselfs and repell the Serbs.
    Even today the signs of war are visible in Croatia. I visited Croatia 2 years ago. Many houses are abandoned especially in Krajina were almoust 50% of houses are empty, almost every house has holes from bullets. You may wonder were are their former residents.

    1. I never claimed that Serbs were innocent.

      The fact remains, and I repeat:

      Kosovo is the Serb heartland, which thanks to Clinton is now a moslem fiefdom.

      So is Bosnia, Herzegovina and greater Albania.

      What is emerging here is a moslem caliphate, a group of narco-jihad statelets smack in the middle of Europe.

  6. You are right sheik. Serbia is a major obstacle in reinstatement of islam in Europe.
    So muslims fooled the Serbs into believing that the war was not about muslims conquering infidels but World against Serbia. The Serbs overreacted, instead on concentrating their efforts in protecting their nationals from muslim attacks they started war with christian Croatia and threatened other yugoslavian republics. In the end muslims profited from the war. Muslims have taken Kosovo and Serbia was humiliated.

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