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Kumbaya Jews or Abrahamists?

US synagogue welcomes Muslims seeking a place to pray

The BBC’s Katty Kay reports on how the Jewish community opened its doors because the area’s mosques could not accommodate all of the growing Muslim population.

Coren & Spencer (via BCF)

Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch reviews the latest on Islam making headlines, including Barack Obama’s re-write of the history of Islam in the US, acid attacks on unveiled women, and the female-only city in Saudi Arabia.

Ahmadinejad: Israel An ‘Insult To Humanity’

Iran’s leader calls the Jewish state a “tumour” that will be finished off, as Iranians protest in solidarity with Palestinians.

“The existence of the Zionist regime is an insult to all humanity,” Mr Ahmadinejad said, in a speech to mark Quds (Jerusalem) Day, an anti-Israeli demonstration in solidarity with Palestinians.– (Only Muslims are ‘human’- the rest are sons of apes and swine, kafir, filth, the vilest of beings….)  etc etc   (…More boasting at Sky News_ thanks Mullah)


 “Security  is an obligation.”–French interior minister Manuel Valls has been booed in the northern city of Amiens, hours after riots which left more than a dozen people injured.

Deaths in series of bombings across Iraq –At least 70 people killed in a wave of attacks across the country, the deadliest day in more than three weeks.


Syria battles rage on as UN mission nears end-State media says rebels forced out of areas near airport in Aleppo, a strategic site in the country’s largest city.


Heat on Greece’s undocumented migrants-Caught between tougher border controls and physical assaults, foreigners struggle to survive.

Manufacturing Today’s Truth

BBC Left wing bias, so predictable its actually funny.

Posted on August 16, 2012 by Eeyore

This time, the BBC had to find some by-the-book out there leftist prof. from the University of Texas to obfuscate and avoid any actual pertinent facts about the French riots and try and stuff it back into the usual commie narrative talking points. Poverty, (without explaining why) unemployment (without explaining why) and “being disenfranchised” all the while giving the current socialist government of France a pass for the responsibility because they have only been in power a few months. None of this of course is pertinent or even information about the riots. Just classic slapstick BBC propaganda. Like the CBC in Canada, if we didn’t have to pay for it, it would be funny as hell.

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  1. “Disenfranchised”. H’mm. A bit like “disadvantaged”. Somehow missing out on “privileges” and moving into a country, contributing nothing except your hunger, and expecting to be treated like the aristocracy. Oh, hang on…

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