More projection from the Marxist Muslim POTUS….

 CNN  Islam Promo:

White Guilt

Her ass may only be half-black; but she built  her whole miserable existence  on bashing whitey.  The appalling Melissa Harris-Perry is the ultimate parasite:

MSNBC Host Uses Racism and Class Warfare to Attack Declaration of Independence

I don’t know what is more horrifying: that libs who listen to this crap pretend it isn’t stupid and evil out of the soft bigotry of low expectations, or that some of them actually agree with it. (Moonbattery)

Even Salon Acknowledges Epidemic of Black on White Mob Violence

The left-wing lowlife at Salon has finally been forced to acknowledge the growing epidemic of black on white mob violence. Here a characteristically squishy-looking moonbat named Alex Pareene explains it away: whites deserve to be attacked by blacks because their work ethic has made them more successful economically, which according to liberal ideology is bad. Not only is the epidemic justified, it also doesn’t exist.   (Moonbattery)

Foreigners told to cover up in UAE

The sight of a tourist wearing skimpy shorts in a Dubai mall has prompted two Emirati women to campaign for visitors to dress modestly.