Weekly Jihad Roundup

Robert Spencer on Michael Coren Show: This week’s jihad roundup

Kudos to Michael Coren for being one of the very few journalists willing to discuss these issues honestly.

Pamela Geller on ABC News covering Pro-Israel Bus ads

Its San Fran!

The first objectior is a homo; how original. He tells us that we should not call savages ‘savages’ because that might hurt their feelings.

Needless to mention that the  limp dick in a suit (TV reporter)  is just as queasy about this ad and hastens to tell us that ‘jihad means struggle’- how very educated, is he not?  He also runs to the next mosque to get some muselmanic approval:

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  1. GO Michael Coren, god bless you, You have Balls to stand up for human rights and democracy. Keep up the good work.

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