About that convention….

Clint Eastwood reminded the congregation that America has a government by the people for the people.

Eastwood addressed an empty chair in which Obama was supposedly sitting – the implication being that there is nothing to the President and he’s an empty vessel.

He also said “when someone can’t do the job, you have to let them go”…

No, Obama is not a ‘nice guy’, he is a very nasty creature. He plays very dirty, and we all know that.

Mark Levin On RNC: The Urgency Of The Moment Was Not Effectively Communicated

Its not all ‘racist’- you know?

Republicanphobia: Not all Republicans are Islamophobes but all Islamophobes are Republicans    By Faheem Younus

… But one group has sustained the Islamophobic rhetoric, nonetheless.

So I wonder if Muslims would rally outside the Republican National Convention this week carrying a banner stating, “Not all Republicans are Islamophobes but all Islamophobes are Republicans.” Trust me. The data supports it. …  More Republicanphobia at Halal Focus (Mullah)

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  1. be afraid of islam ideologie and its supporters will turn and face all the civilezed world in new world war to fight to defensa our freedoms…..millions will dye because the cowardice of left politics, exactly did happen with second world war…….

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