Australia: how about our right of being free of Islam?

Let’s see how it went:

The Day of Love for Prophet  (Profit?)  turned out to be a day of insanity as deadly clashes flared Friday across Pakistan, consuming 20 lives and sending over 200 on to hospital beds.

The culture clash will turn nasty

“Get out of Muslim lands?” How about you get out of ours?

Australia Censors Free Speech  (Gatestone)

Australia is developing a strange policy when it comes to free speech: Jihadis have it, but their detractors don’t.

Greg Sheridan on the Left’s loss of innocence in the Middle East:

Here is a hard truth. Islamist extremists didn’t hate America because of Bush. They hated Bush because of America. And now they hate Obama, because of America

Bush wasn’t the problem, and Obama sure isn’t the solutionAndrew Bolt

Disunity, not anger, is Muslim dilemma

I’d say its our dilemma, inflicted on us by our  Islam-pandering polit-rops & the media:

”The biggest hurdle facing Muslims in Sydney Australia is a lack of unity and co-operation,” he says. ”And the inability to unify or get a message across comes with a lack of deep understanding of our faith.”–More on the poor victims of the evil allah and Mo at  (Mullah)

 Who gave them the right to vote?
Do they need this money? Do we need to give it?-If Victoria simply scrapped these multicultural grants, would any damage at all be done?  (Bolt)

The eight dumbest things said about free speech this week

 Oh, the competition is fierce:   you might be surprised how many  libtards  are calling for ‘respeck’   of those doing violence not to be offended by our speech.

The Right to Not to Obey Islamic Law  (Hot Air)

Odd how people who scream about nativity scenes in the public square are now suggesting that we have a moral obligation to obey Islamic law in order to avoid more bloodshed.

Islamic terrorism is beginning to demolish political correctness

“The simple fact is that Islamic fundamentalists are irreconcilable. To them the US will remain the Great Satan.”

Who started it? Who is behind this?

Sheikh Khalid Abdullah has a popular talk show on Al-Nas satellite TV, and — according to the Telegraph — “has long prided itself on baiting liberals, Christians and Jews.”

Monolith Rising:

The dangerous rise of the government media monolith

There are now three issues with the explosion of ABC services, especially now with the decline of private newspapers.

First, the state-sponsored Left bias that is the danger with all statist news outfits, and chronic in the ABC.

Second, the state-sponsored cannibalising of the private media’s audience, and especially of the audience of the Leftist Fairfax media. To survive, Fairfax must now persuade exactly an ABC audience to pay for internet news and views that the ABC is giving them free.

Third, the rise of the government as one of the biggest providers of news content – and soon perhaps the dominant. This is a grave danger to diversity of opinion and media independence. The potential for abuse of power is enormous.

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  1. It will be so simple for the communications authorities to replace free speech with licenced (regulated) speech, prohibiting all unlicenced speech – blogs, YouTube channels, pamphlets etc.

  2. And this is what is happening Mullah!! Again, can people press di Natale for evidence to support his claim that Wilders is a hate propogandist. If di Natale cannot deliver then he should be standing in front of a judge.

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