Clint Eastwood: "Obama is the biggest hoax ever committed on the American people"

The Progressives actually want us to believe that Obama did not know about the Platform’s Position on God and Jerusalem before it was changed back. That would take a willing suspension of disbelief. Errol Phillips

 Obama admits that he is a Muslim.

Obama bowing before a Muslim king. Obama talking about his Muslim family. Obama quoting from the “holy” Koran. Obama defending Islam. Obama’s delusional and shameless Islam promo over everything else.  This is in-your-face stuff: insulting, offending dreck from an unworthy Marxist Muslim usurper, a parvenu and an overall fraud in the service of the Saudis and George Soros.

These are clips of Obama and his Muslim connections. The overwhelming evidence should help you make up your mind  that Barack Hussein Obama is anything but a secret Muslim.

  • That we are discussing Abortion when the Country is in perilous fiscal and economic condition, our Public Education System is totally dysfunctional, our Borders are porous, our Military is being gutted, and Iran threatens us with nuclear annihilation, is an absurdity in and of itself.
  • Women Protectors like John Edwards, Bill Clinton, Bill Maher, and Ted Kennedy’s Ghost and Robert Kennedy Jr. ought to get together and declare once and for all – that if women were not so promiscuous (not Rape or Mother’s Life in danger mind you) there wouldn’t be the need for so much abortion.

If promiscuity is the order of the day, then $ 9.00 a month at Target can solve the problem once and for all.
If $ 9.00 is out of reach – there is a free contraceptive marketed under the name of “Knees Together.” Errol Phillips

Eastwood on Obama

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