Delusional in France: Jihadists are not criminals….

France: Brother of Jew-killing jihadist questioned — “We discussed his religious commitment. It’s radical Islamism but that doesn’t make him a criminal”

No, not in bemused Leftist France or anywhere else in the West. But it does make him a time bomb, and one that is ticking loudly: “Abdelkader was previously known to security services for helping smuggle Jihadist militants into Iraq in 2007. Described by people who know him as a more overtly devout Muslim than his younger brother, Abdelkader was believed to have exerted a strong influence on Mohamed in the years following their father’s departure to Algeria in 2006 or 2007.”

“Brother of French al-Qaeda-inspired killer questioned,” from Reuters, September 10 (thanks to JW):

Socialism is a mental disorder. France is proud of it:

French Newspaper Slams the Rich: ‘Fu** Off You Wealthy Bastard’

“Bernard Arnault should realise what it means to ask for another nationality… Being French is not just about receiving, it is about giving to your country,” the [French] president said.

“People like him were parasites”–Read More »  (can you imagine how much this guy paid in taxes over the years?)

This “wealthy bastard” is probably the biggest taxpayer in France. True to form, the unwashed miserables who  voted for Hollande want not only 75%- they want it all.

France’s government has been primarily run by socialists since mid-June, when they swept the parliament and gave President Francois Hollande a solid majority.

No friend to the rich, Hollande immediately began calling for a 75% tax on the country’s wealthiest citizens.  Economically, the plan is failing miserably — the country is projecting a 1% growth rate for 2013, and the wealthy are leaving in droves.

More  leftist wisdom BS:

“…conspiracist ideation contributes to the rejection of science.”-Read More »

Limbaugh Predicts Total Economic Collapse in U.S. if President Obama Re-Elected
“There’s no ‘if’ about this. It’s going be ugly, it’s going be gut wrenching, but it will happen.”–280 Comments »