EU commies wear brown lipstick for the OIC

Blather, drivel and absurdities, to make Arabs & Muslims feel good and to prepare the ignorant for the abolishment of freedom of speech:

OIC reps: Fanatical  third world thugs with way too much influence in todays world.

Joint statement by the European Union High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, OIC Secretary General, Arab League Secretary General, and Chairperson of the Commission of the African Union:

We share a profound respect for all religions. We are united in our belief in the fundamental importance of religious freedom and tolerance. We condemn any advocacy of religious hatred that constitutes incitement to hostility and violence. While fully recognizing freedom of expression, we believe in the importance of respecting all prophets, regardless of which religion they belong to, but….-Egypt: Azhar, Church, Want Law to Criminalize Defamation of Religions via Mullah

Same at the UN:

… It is Islamic rage over the fact that Islamic law is not dominant everywhere, all the time — Muslims’ signal weapon against a timid West — that drove French authorities to take security precautions, not the publication of cartoons. …

Filmophobia: Brazil court orders Youtube to remove  film
* Better to ban the koran, the source of the blasphemy and evil.

The decision by a state court in Sao Paulo, home to a large Middle Eastern immigrant community, came hours after Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff criticized “Islamophobia” in Western countries in a speech at the United Nations.—More on the false prophet film ban at Hurriyet Daily News/Mullah

It could work against the profit:
Just a reminder: