FGM Correction Demanded

The following is a response by one of our readers to a misleading story from the ABC which was also published here:

Prevalence of genital mutilation in dispute

It helps to be informed.

To whom it may concern:

I refer to your story on Female Genital Mutilation and in particular the following statement:

Hanny Lightfoot-Klein is a leading international expert on female genital mutilation. Her research across Africa over several decades has been published in four books. She says categorically there is no link with Islam.

This statement is not only misleading, it is incorrect. Section e4.3 of the Islamic Sharia Law manual states unequivocally that circumcision is obligatory for both men AND women;

e4.3    Circumcision is obligatory (O: for both men and women. For men it consists of removing the prepuce from the penis, and for women, removing the prepuce (Ar. Bazr) of the clitoris (n: not the clitoris itself, as some mistakenly assert). (A: Hanbalis hold that circumcision of women is not obligatory but sunna, while Hanafis consider it a mere courtesy to the husband.)”

ref: http://answering-islam.org/Sharia/fem_circumcision.html

Please issue a statement reversing this mistake in your article and please ensure that facts are reported accurate before printing them!


Mr Axxxxxxxxxx


Update from the 23rd of December 2013:

Fears over incidence of female genital mutilation in Australia

ASHLEY HALL: Serious questions are being asked about how widely female genital mutilation is practised in Australia. It follows the arrest of four people in Sydney yesterday over the alleged mutilation of two young girls.

Medical professionals in Australia say there’s no evidence to suggest female genital mutilation is commonplace. But the New South Wales Minister for Community Services says she doesn’t think the practice is rare.

Emily Bourke reports.

EMILY BOURKE: The charging of four people over the circumcision of two young girls in Sydney has prompted fears that other cases have gone undetected.

The New South Wales Minister for Community Services Pru Goward has told Sydney Radio 2GB she doesn’t think it’s an isolated case.

PRU GOWARD: I certainly think there is that possibility because we have a number of communities in New South Wales where that would be considered an acceptable practice but they certainly know it’s illegal now.

EMILY BOURKE: Police say they’re not aware of other incidents at this stage, but they can’t discount the fact that there may be more victims.

But Professor Ajay Rane from the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists isn’t so sure.

AJAY RANE: But I wouldn’t be surprised if there are sporadic incidents given the fact that we have a larger sub-Saharan community coming into Australia where this practice is culturally very dominant but I would still believe that the practice is sporadic rather than common because there are no clinical hospital reports of major genital trauma following these procedures being reported in Australia.

EMILY BOURKE: He says he has been asked to perform the procedure but not here.

AJAY RANE: When I was practicing in England I’ve had requests made by highly education couples requesting that their nine and 10 year old girl have a small nick. I was shocked about that. When I refused they said, well if you don’t do it, someone in a back street with a rusty blade is going to do it. So it’s a very strong cultural propagation.

EMILY BOURKE: A shiek from the suburb of Auburn has been charged in relation to the female circumcision of the two girls, which has raised questions about whether the Muslim community is condoning the practice.

Professor Ajay Rane again.

AJAY RANE: I have operated in Egypt, I have operated in Nigeria so I can vouch that some of these practices are very, very harmful to women and there is some degree of religious coercion for this highly cultural phenomenon. I don’t think religion dictates it but there is some dictation by religious leaders to ensure that this continues.

EMILY BOURKE: Hanny Lightfoot-Klein is a leading international expert on female genital mutilation. Her research across Africa over several decades has been published in four books. She says categorically there is no link with Islam.

HANNY LIGHTFOOT-KLEIN: No one really knows where the whole thing started. It’s often been described as Muslim but there’s nothing really, you investigate all the Muslim actual activities and it’s never been actually, it’s not because of the religion.

EMILY BOURKE: And she adds that one of the features of the practice is that it’s perpetrated by women on their daughters.

HANNY LIGHTFOOT-KLEIN: There is hatred, and there is rage. There is tremendous anger, so what do you do with this? You can’t stop it once it has been done, then they will have to do it to somebody else. If they have suffered, there is somebody else, let them suffer as well so they won’t be giving away something for nothing. They’re going to get it too.

EMILY BOURKE: And she says the practice increasingly common.

HANNY LIGHTFOOT KLEIN: It’s getting larger and larger and more and more practiced.

EMILY BOURKE: Why is the practice growing?

HANNY LIGHTFOOT-KLEIN: Sometimes we wonder, sometimes we’re like why? It’s not, you can’t make answers.

EMILY BOURKE: The retired Sydney nurse charged with performing the procedure on the two girls will face court early next month.

ASHLEY HALL: Emily Bourke with that report.

12 thoughts on “FGM Correction Demanded”

  1. It doesn’t matter, the point is 2’000 kids are mutilated in the UK every year, and the cowardly police DO NOTHING!!!

  2. @Tony Davist

    If this was done by Christians Child Protection Services would be in with the police to take the child away in mere seconds.

    Pathetic PC hypocrites.

    @Richard Scalper

    Is the link your riposte?

    1. Possibly. In this case we have a pseudo-intellectual who never bothered with the texts and tenets of Islam, but assures us that decades of peddling superficial tosh makes her an authority on the subject. Universities are full with these types.

  3. FGM is considered a “courtesy to the husband”!? Does “courtesy” mean that he benefits from it in some way?

  4. so it looks like the United States is at least following Islamic Law for men, hey, let’s not leave out the women!

  5. An expert? We activists and survivors of FGM have never heard of this so called leading expert on FGM!! Well did she go through FGM? Which countries in Africa? Which villages? We do not know any Hanny Klein!! We don’t like people feeding from our pain as African women!! So ABC when you give credits consider doing more research!!

  6. 100,000 women undergo brutal genital mutilation illegally in Britain (and some of the victims are as young as TEN)

    Daily Mail

    Police have failed to bring forward a single conviction
    Only two doctors have ever been struck off by the General Medical Council
    Victims often suffer in silence and sometimes battle to stand or walk
    One doctor offered to perform the procedure on a 10-year-old girl for £750
    By Pamela Owen

    PUBLISHED: 09:26 GMT, 22 April 2012 | UPDATED: 12:44 GMT, 22 April 2012

    As many as 100,000 women in Britain have undergone female genital mutilations with medics in the UK offering to carry out the illegal procedure on girls as young as 10, it has been reported.

    Investigators from The Sunday Times said they secretly filmed a doctor, dentist and alternative medicine practitioner who were allegedly willing to perform circumcisions or arrange for the operation to be carried out.

    The doctor and dentist deny any wrongdoing.

    The practice, which involves the surgical removal of external genitalia and in some cases the stitching of the vaginal opening, is illegal in Britain and carries up to a 14 year prison sentence.

    It is also against the law to arrange FGM.

    Cases of Female Genital Mutilation are increasing across the UK but not one person has been prosecuted for any offences
    Known as ‘cutting’, the procedure is traditionally carried out for cultural reasons and in Africa and with large numbers of immigration from countries like Sudan, Somalia and Ethiopia it is becoming more common in the UK.

    It is believed to be proof of a girl’s ‘purity’ for when she marries, but victims often suffer in silence and are rarely given anaesthetic.

    They frequently suffer long-term damage and pain and often struggle to stand or walk properly.

    Supermodel turned UN ambassador Waris Dirie was mutilated aged 5
    Research suggests that every year up to 6,000 girls in London are at risk of the potentially fatal procedure, and more than 22,000 in the UK as a whole.

    The Metropolitan Police said since 2008, it had received 166 reports of people who fear they are at risk of FGM but it has failed to bring forward a single perpetrator.

    It is the same for all 43 forces across England and Wales with no convictions for the offence ever taking place.

    Only two doctors have ever been struck off by The General Medical Council since 1980.

    The Sunday Times uncovered a respected dentist who was prepared to circumcise two girls, aged 10 and 13 and a GP who referred an undercover reporter to the dentist.

    They also spoke to a supplier who deals in alternative medicine who offered to circumcise a 10 year-old girl for £750.

    A midwife in Birmingham also said she had seen the number of mutilations in the area treble since 2002.

    Alison Byrne, a specialist midwife at the Birmingham’s Heartlands hospital who has helped pioneer treatment for women suffering from the condition said she has had patients aged between 16 and 40.

    She said she had some women who had been left with an opening the size of a matchstick through which to pass urine and menstrual blood.

    Ms Byrne added that as a result many of the women developed severe infections and can continuously bleed for days on end.

    She has said there is a huge lack of training and knowledge among medical staff which is causing a serious problem.

    Doctors at the hospital now offer a procedure called deinfibulation which involves the removal of scar tissue formed by the cutting of the clitoris.

    Tradition: This graphic shows the percentage of women who have had FGM in African countries – and the percentage of their daughters who have undergone the procedure
    It is offering hope to dozens of women affected by the condition.

    It is also estimated that one in 20 women in parts of London are victims of the practice.[

    Minister for equalities Lynne Featherstone said: ‘Female genital mutilation is an abhorrent crime and we are very clear that hose found to practice it should feel the full force of the law.’

    According to Forward, a charity which campaigners against FGM, an estimated 100,000 women in the UK have undergone mutilation.

    Supermodel turned United Nations ambassador Waris Dirie, who was mutilated aged 5 in her home country of Somalia, is a vociferous opponent of the practice.

    Calling for a crackdown on FGM, she said: ‘If a white girl is abused, the police come break down the door. If a black girl is mutilated, nobody takes care of her. This is what I call racism.’


    Majority of FGMs occur in Africa and Middle Eastern countries where it is seen as vital in preserving chastity.

    In Somalia, Sudan and parts of Egypt more than 90 per cent of women are forced to go through with the procedure.

    The first type involves the removal of the clitoris. The second type involves the removal of the clitoris and part of the labia – the outer part of the vagina.

    This is the most common and account for about 80 per cent of FGMs.

    The third type involves the removal of all external genitalia and stitching of the vaginal opening. Scar tissue eventually develops and only a small hole is left open.

    The final type is the most severe and often leaves the women with infections and serious emotional scars.

    It involves the cutting and sewing of the vagina and at times the introduction of a foreign substance into the vagina.

  7. “But Hanny Lightfoot-Klein, a leading international expert on female genital mutilation, says categorically that there is no link with Islam.

    “No-one really knows where the whole thing started,” she said.”

    Well how convenient.

    So, allegedly nobody knows where it started? But, we know where it ‘is’ currently occurring and worse that it is allowed to go on illegally in the west.

    We are the progeny of those that had the courage and moral conviction to stopping and putting an end to the cruel and heinous cultural acts that specifically targeted woman; like Chinese feet binding, and the Hindu practice of Sati (burning the wife alive when her husband dies.)

    Then we can bloody well put to an end to the forced torture and mutilation of the bodies of powerless and defenseless little girls. Especially those living in the west.

    @Mashua Against FGM

    Be loud and don’t allow someone who is an poser to be your voice.


    At the moment, the PC politicians won’t stop the rape and the kidnapping of vulnerable little girls by Muslim/Asians gangs or pursue the murders like the scum that murdered Kriss Donald for fear of being called “Racist”

    They are too busy forcibly removing fat white kids from the homes of the indigenous Brits or targeting poor working class whites to fill up adoption quotas. This way, the politicians can pat themselves on the back for the pretense of rescuing vulnerable children. All the whilst ignoring the barbarians at the gate (on the street and in the playgrounds) or the monsters who are repeatedly given access to children like, Baby P and Victoria Clumbie from Child Services.

    1. Ignoring the sunnah shows what a pseudo-intellectual this Hanny Lightfoot-Klein is.

      Does it matter where it started? That’s a typical mohammedan red herring to deflect blame from Islam.

      What matters is who does it and why.

      Muselmaniacs don’t do it because the old Egyptians (or whoever) started it, but because its sunnah, its sanctioned by Muhammad himself and that’s it.

  8. @sheik

    You said,

    “Does it matter where it started? That’s a typical mohammedan red herring to deflect blame from Islam.

    What matters is who does it and why.”

    I couldn’t agree more with you.

    By not examining or acknowledging the sunnah it is both bad scholarship and dishonest.

    But, then everything that involves, politicians, MSM and academia and Islam, is one big dishonest relationship.

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