Geertophobia Downunder! Update: Now With Media Reactions!

Australia’s  despicable  lame-stream media jockeys and the political clown-gallery  are in a hysterical frenzy to vilify Geert Wilders just enough to prevent him from coming to Australia next month:

A DUTCH MP who is a outspoken critic of Islam is seeking a visa to visit Australia for a speaking tour next month. (Newscom)

Geert Wilders, who has compared the Koran to Hitler’s Mein Kampf, has been invited by the Q Society to give speeches in Melbourne and Sydney.

Shameless Islamo-panderer Kate Lundy vomits all over:

The Federal Government has not yet made a decision but Multicultural Affairs Minister Kate Lundy described Mr Wilders as “an extreme-right politician promulgating views that are out of step with mainstream Australia”.

Kate Lundy wouldn’t know what’s ‘mainstream Australia’ if it  came to life and bite her in the arse.


Here is the 7:30 Report video clip from last night
And here the media muesli
plus syndicated papers.

Mr Wilders, who calls Islam “a retarded culture” is on an international immigration movement red-alert list.  (Since when and by whom?)  The Immigration Department is still considering the case and has not yet presented it to Immigration Minister Chris Bowen.

A bit weird, is it not? That a democratically elected politician of a friendly nation should need a visa from Marxist Islam-panderers who can’t wait for their own beheadings?

Liberal Senator Cory Bernardi, who is Tony Abbott’s parliamentary secretary, has previously supported a bid by Mr Wilders to visit on the grounds of free speech. He said he was not involved in organising any proposed visit but asked on what grounds should a democratically elected member of a foreign parliament be denied a visa.

 Spot on. There are none.

Victorian Greens Senator Richard Di Natale criticised Mr Wilders. “His hateful and divisive views are not welcome in Australia, but to deny him a visa risks giving him more oxygen and publicity,” he said.

The Greens are so full of shiite they’re made of it. Does it hurt if you call Di Natale a retard?

Mr Wilders was refused a visa to enter the UK, but appealed and won.

Q Society vice president of community relations Andrew Horwood said his organisation was not political or religious and sought to educate people about Islam and uphold Australian values. Critics call it anti-Muslim.

Mr Horwood said after last weekend’s Islamic riot in Sydney it was timely for Mr Wilders to “offer advice about Islam and we need to listen and take note”.

He said Mr Wilders had been waiting three weeks for a visa and asked why the government was able to “process visas for Islamic hot heads in a hurry, but leave MPs from friendly European nations hang out to dry”.

He sent a letter to supporters calling on them to urge Mr Bowen to approve the visa.

Radical Islamic headbangers welcome; Geert Wilders left out to dry:

Mr Bowen defended granting a visa to British Muslim leader Taji Mustafa saying he was not on any alert list, not a member of a proscribed terrorist organisation and had no criminal convictions.

Gimme a break: here’s what  Hizb’ozos are doing.

He said the Howard government had not banned his organisation Hizb ut Tahrir despite the Opposition now calling him a hate preacher.

The declared goal of the Hizbutts is to Fight “Until Islam Becomes Victorious or We Die in the Attempt”

But don’t take my word for it: Geert Wilders is the real  hate speecher. 

10 thoughts on “Geertophobia Downunder! Update: Now With Media Reactions!”

  1. Free speech isn’t so when it’s about the truth. As a man I can’t wait for Islam to take over, I’m going to have 4 wives, at least 20 concubine slaves, and if Kate Lundy is still around i might just take her for one of my wives. I’m short, ugly and hairy, and shore as hell have no luck in getting the girls, but unlike in today’s courting protocols, that won’t matter because Lundy won’t have say…. I love you Kate, I cant Waite to be with you!

  2. Chris,
    When you lower your standards and take braindead Lundy as one of your harem, please, please, make sure she always wears a burqa. Indoors and outside. And remember, it is OK to punch her, break her nose and arms when she misbehaves. Ain’t sharia convenient!

    Short, ugly and hairy, you say. Hope you stink of body odour and have a mouthful of rotten teeth. Katy-babe would sure appreciate you.

  3. The gave Taji Mustafa from Hizb ut-Tahrir a visa on the grounds that his organization was not on the terrorism list.

    1. Their ‘terrorism list’ is way too short, and they don’t really bother to scratch the surface. But social democrat Geert Wilders is a ‘populist’, which is far worse than a radical muslim headbanger. Or is it?

  4. Kate Lundy! Amazing how she lays claim to know the views of main stream Australia, thinks and believes it to be the same as hers. Would those views be the same as the elitists believe the main stream views are in Greece, UK, France, Spain, Germany, in which the elitists have also stated they know the main stream views? In spite of the fierce outspoken opposition, which they have decided to totally & wilfully ignore, they still adhere to this weak explanation. Yet we hear & see Main Stream Greeks are now taking a different view to that of Lundy & accomplices. Coupled with the peoples majority main stream views of other long suffering western nations, it would appear Lundy & her ilk are out of step, or would she be saying her views are the only authorized permissible views allowed to have a platform?

  5. I keep hearing the expression “right-wing extremist” on the TV news. Alsays happens when Muslims get up to their antics. The focus turns so swiftly to “right-wing extremists”, who are the real problem, apparently.
    And Muslim clerics in Australia who say sweet words are being fawned over as if they were a pack of holy prophets! Nauseating!

  6. @PJG

    It a deliberate intent of narrative.

    The left wants to ensure via the MSM that the masses never forget, that the Left=good, whilst the Right=bad.

    All you have to do, is read any article that observes the reflections of a contrary viewpoint written by a Liberal and you can count the deliberate negative adjectives to ensure the reader picks up loud and clear the official meme.

    As exemplified in the article, the Sheik has linked above,

    ” ‘Hateful’ Islam critic Geert Wilders wants visa to speak in Australia”

    One of the many reasons, I and many others have turned away from the MSM.

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