Germany rejects (new) laws against insulting Islam

Sanity prevails, for now.

German Interior Minister Hans-Peter Friedrich has ruled out measures to tighten blasphemy laws in the wake of a US-made movie deemed offensive to Islam’s most revered figure, the pedophile warlord Mohammad.

“Freedom in our country is very extensive and I am against the idea of responding to each specific situation with criminal and legislative changes,” he told Deutschlandfunk radio station on Sunday.

Friedrich’s remarks come as many people in Germany  (who would that be?)  have called for a law against blasphemy to protect all religions from attack.

They have also pushed for a change in Paragraph 166 of the German penal code, which lays out penalties for insulting the customs and beliefs of religious communities.—More on protection for islam and its blasphemous god and false prophet at ABNA via Mullah

France, Marine LePen and ‘Egalite’

Le Pen is making a mess of it.

France’s Le Pen: Call for ban on Jewish skullcaps made in ‘name of equality’

“Far-right leader” LePen  says Jewish skullcaps, or kippas, are ‘obviously not a problem,’ adding, however, that she cannot back a ban of Muslim veils only for fear of being branded ‘Muslim hater.’–

They will call her all these things and worse anyway; so this is phoney stuff.