Haggis akbar! Unelected Humza Yousaf Becomes Scotland's First Muslim Minister

He was appointed, not elected. WTF are these brain-dead Scots fools  trying to prove? That you can tame a savage when you let them wear a kilt or give them a Nobel price?

Yousaf has only been an MSP for one year.  The  blog Jihad in Scotland is documenting his ties to “Hamas terror commander”, Mohammed Sawalha, and to Islamic radicalism jihad. Yousaf’s career seems to glide down a gilded track to such an extent that you are forced to entertain conspiracy theories to explain it. He is a man of no obvious talent. He has many troubling skeletons in his closet, which the Scottish press resolutely refuse to mention. He is given favourable treatment in so many ways that it seems truly bizarre.

Alex “Inshallah” Salmond and Humza “The Paki” Yousaf, both pretending to be Scottish nationalists

Tell us what’s more absurd: the fact that Scotland’s Minister for External Affairs and International Development has ties to Hamas; or the fact that Scotland has a Minister for External Affairs and International Development at all. Scottish taxpayers are being gouged twice over for this foreign aid lark. Because Scottish public spending is a fixed proportion of UK spending, they are paying, through their taxes, for UK foreign aid and, now, simply to indulge Alex Salmond’s sense of grandiosity, for Scottish foreign aid on top of that. It is absurd that Scotland, which is not an independent sovereign nation, is spending money on this. Within the United Kingdom, it has the same dependent status as a state government compared to the federal government of the USA. And, if you examine the foreign aid initiatives the Scottish government has actually been undertaking, almost all of them seem to end up going to Islam-dominated countries, like Pakistan or the Maldives.

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  1. The Plan is going nicely. Well, what else are we supposed to think? The Handover to Islam in all our countries, the slow death of democracy, and the transformation of our politicians to privileged dhimmi status: what did they call it in the colonial days? “Indirect rule”.

  2. Whats he going to do for the Scottish Diaspora? Give us all passports? If not can we claim he is an illegal occupier and then assasinate him through legitimate resistance.

  3. The recent SNP attack on booze, smoking, and allowing the anti Semitic palistani supporting thugs to harrass theatre goers at the Israeli dance performance, whilst the police looked on! It now looks like Islam is already interfering in Scottish life . Arrogant, fat, obnoxious Salmond’s cronies have been handing out vast sums of money to ‘Muslim’ so called charity groups in Scotland, who have very shady connections to terrorist thugs!
    Pakistani muslim numbers have rocketed in Scotland since 9-11, they now have a parallel society which speaks mainly Urdu, and ignores any integration with the indiginous Scots. It seems as though every small local shop now has a sullen Muslim owner, who makes it clear they don’t like infidels much. Where the finance to buy up every small business comes from, is one of today’s great mysteries?

  4. sheik,referring to pakistanis as “pakis”is im afraid ,grist to the mill of those that call anti jihadists ,” racists and bigots”,as the terminology is the equivalent of calling black people “niggers”
    at least it is in the u.k.
    in my humble opinion it can hinder the work we are all engaged in,
    i.e.exposing the lies of “islam”, which is not a race…….
    let us not give the useful idiots of the left,the lame stream media et al ,the ammo to point and say “see they say pakis!they are racists!”
    keep up the good work and god bless.

  5. Dear chimoio,

    We are not a politically correct blog. Blacks are the biggest racists on earth, nobody uses the ‘N’ word more often. That is not only my personal experience. The same goes for Paki lowlifes and those who believe they have a right to rule over us. Read Paki newspapers sometime?

    They themselves use ‘Pak’ or Paki extensively. Its only ‘racist’ when we do it.


    There is racism, but not the kind reporters like to see

    A poll confirms a massive race-based vote for Barack Obama:

    According to an NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll, 94 percent of Black voters support President Barack Obama compared to zero percent of those same voters who plan to vote for Romney, the Republican presidential candidate.

    Which, of course, leads a reporter to ask the obvious question:

    IS it because he’s black? The question of whether race fuels opposition to President Barack Obama has become one of the most divisive topics of the election campaign.

    Whoa! Back up. ”Opposition” to?



    It appears to me that the reporter involved may not mind a bit of racism, provided it’s of the right kind, of course, and he’s a beneficiary:

    In 2011, Jesse won a National Journalism Award from the Asian-American Journalists Association and was named Journalist of the Year by the Philadelphia Association of Black Journalists.


  6. sheik,nor am I a politicaly correct commenter,
    my concern is with people perhaps beginning to enquire into what
    anti jihadists are about,msm and the left says we are a fascist bunch of racists and bigots , witness the treatment that the e.d.l. is subject to from the brit media in particular!
    why play into the hands of the enemys of freedom and their dhimmi freinds? paki?
    people do find it offensive,and yes ,there are none more” racist”than some blacks, pakistanis, and muslims generally,[to whom we are “filthy kuffar”]should we emulate them? a result ofbeing “politically correct”that we dont refer to black people as “niggers” ?,or, do we not do so because it is indeed, offensive?even tho they often refer to themselves as such! btw, im of the opinion that its only whites that can be “racist” anyway,according to “politically correct” theory…..as ever sheik…more power to your elbow!

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