Hate Crime in Hollywood Not Hate Crime, says Police Chief

Unless there is a ‘spray-painted message’ there is no hate crime:

HOLLYWOOD — A strip mall where arson destroyed a Judaica store last year became the site of a second fiery attack Friday, when two masked arsonists in hoodies broke into a kosher restaurant and splashed flammable liquid all over the kitchen to make it go up in flames.

In each case, there were no indisputable signs, such as a spray-painted message, that might indicate a hate crime. Both fires remain under investigation.

“I have no indication at this time that this is a hate crime,” Hollywood Police Lt. Nicole Coffin said Friday afternoon. “And there is no indication that the prior incident was a hate crime, either.”

In sharia friendly Chris Christie’s New Jersey perhaps?

“Kill the Jews” Spray-painted in New Jersey, swastikas and hate-filled slogans spray-painted on cars, sidewalks, fences, mailboxes and houses

‘Kill the Jews’ Spray-painted in New Jersey INN, September 8, 2012 (Pamela Geller)

The escalation in anti-Jewish attacks is at worldwide levels — unprecedented. But no one is talking about that. And while many attempt to steal the narrative and create a “phobia” out of whole cloth, the spike in open bald-faced Jew-hatred is frightening and real. History is proof of that —

Swastikas — the symbol of Nazi Germany — painted in bright red paint were plastered all over the sign at Route 9 north and Smallwood Lane that has marked the entrance to the Monmouth Heights residential development for almost five decades. In the lower right corner of the sign, the vandals had spray-painted a chilling message: “F – – K Jews.” (more here)

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