Largely secular MuBro's declare "we welcome war" and "we will rule the world"

Egypt: Muslim cleric says global dominance by Islamic caliphate is “one of the tenets of the Muslim Brotherhood, which they cannot renounce”

Don’t be concerned. The Obama Administration tells us they’re “largely secular.” “Egypt’s Islamic TV talks with iron Salafist,” by Guy Taylor for the Washington Times, September 16 (thanks to JW):

A Muslim cleric hosting an Egyptian television show recently outlined his version of Islamic instructions for wife-beating. In another show, a cleric claimed that the Muslim Brotherhood, now governing Egypt, one day will rule the world.“If not through peace, there is nothing preventing war. We welcome war,” said the second cleric, who added that “one of the tenets of the Muslim Brotherhood, which they cannot renounce,” is the goal of global dominance by an Islamic caliphate.

The shows aired on Egypt’s Al Nas network, a hard-line Salafist Muslim outfit that for years has flown largely under the radar of international observers.

The network was thrust into the spotlight last week when it broadcast Arabic-dubbed movie clips from what it described as an English-language film insulting Islam’s Prophet Muhammad. Riots and protests erupted throughout the Middle East and other parts of the Muslim world….


Turkey’s Erdogan: “Islamophobia” should be recognized as a crime against humanity

The West should be filled this week with politicians speaking up in defense of the freedom of speech. No such luck. Its days are numbered….

The Muhammad Movie Riots: The latest battle in the Islamic war against the freedom of speech


1000 enraged Muslims attack U.S. embassy with sticks, stones and Molotov cocktails

Modern, moderate Indonesia becoming less modern and moderate by the day.

Iran’s assassins:

Iran vows to “track down” those who made Muhammad video

At this point, Obama should be affirming the freedom of speech and vowing to protect the Americans who were involved in this project. Instead…he jailed one and will probably push for restrictions on the freedom of speech.

This is what the despicable Clinton-Obama team signed up to:

Iran: Obama can be sued in US courts under UN blasphemy law that he signed onto

Hoisted by his own anti-free speech petard. If they do this, we will see whether treaties that the U.S. has signed can supersede the First Amendment.


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