Melbournistan: 'interfaith experts" will keep us safe from Islamic terrorism

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Local Muslim leaders condemn violence (against Muslims, of course…)

Gary Bouma  is  head of UNESCO`s interreligious and intercultural relations for Asia Pacific and acts as the UN-appointed interfaith tycoon down under.   We have him on record claiming  there were people in the west who were actively trying to spread Islamophobia. Imagine that!

Thanks to Islamo-panderers like Bouma the lamb will sleep with the lion and we’ll all get through this by hugging each other, or something.

Muslims gather at the Preston Mosque. Photo: Justin McManus

IMAMS at all 36 Melbourne mosques have been advised to warn Muslims at morning and evening prayers against violent protests such as the one in Sydney on Saturday about a film ridiculing Islam.

There have been violent protests around the Muslim world in which several people have died. Western embassies have been attacked and the US ambassador to Libya was killed. In the Sydney clash, several police and protesters were injured and six protesters arrested.

Muslim leaders and organisations condemned the violence, and the fact that young children held up placards with such messages as ‘‘behead all those who insult the prophet”.

Totally harmless, of course. But how did these signs get there?

Too easy! Just ask an interfaith muslima who wouldn’t lie to you:

Are you sure you aren’t Jewish?

I personally believe that that sign was left on the floor for that child to pick it up.

The Jews left the signs there.  No shiite. Innocent muslim kidz picked ’em up and…..

It takes two to tango… The police force was equally as aggressive.

Here’s the infamous picture of a mother at the protest photographing her child holding up a sign calling for the beheading of those who offend Mohammad.

An emergency meeting of the Victorian Board of Imams in Melbourne yesterday afternoon decided to email and telephone every imam, asking them to make the Friday lunchtime sermon about how to respond to the film, and to talk about it at morning and evening prayers – usually the best attended of the five daily prayers – until then.

Sheikh Mohamadu Saleem, spokesman for the Victorian board and the Australian National Council of Imams, said as far as the imams knew no protest was planned in Melbourne. ”The main thing we discussed was if any copycat demonstration happened here, how to deal with it. We all agreed that Australia is a democratic country and people have the right to demonstrate and voice their frustration and unhappiness, but it has to be peaceful.”

Sheikh Mohamadu said Muslims were uncertain about whether protesters or police began the Sydney violence, but Muslims must make sure any protest is peaceful.

Monash University interfaith expert Gary Bouma said Sydney-style protests would be unthinkable in Melbourne, because the religious temperature was lower. ”Sydney gets Cronulla and this violence. We get to have the world’s best community relations,” Professor Bouma said.

He said Victoria Police had poured enormous effort into building relationships. ”Sydney would say they do, but that means they have a desk in the CBD with a cop on it who thinks community relations thoughts.”

Victoria Police believe Melbourne will not witness Sydney-style protests, but have formed a contingency in any case.

Deputy Commissioner Tim Cartwright said yesterday police intelligence suggested there was little reason for authorities to believe trouble could happen within Victoria’s Muslim population.

“Make no mistake, if people do intend on taking on this sort of action we’ll be acting quickly and firmly,” he said. He also added that Victoria had a long history of community involvement with policing and was a world leader on multicultural issues.

Religious leaders of the previous generation in Melbourne had worked hard to build understanding, unlike Sydney leaders, Professor Bouma said.

”Today there’s a 10-point gradient between Melbourne and Sydney when it comes to suspicion of Muslims. It’s a tale of two cities,” he said.

The Coptic Orthodox Church in Australia distanced itself from the film, after a Copt in the US was linked with its production.

Mr Cartwright admitted last week’s raids upon a dozen properties, including a Springvale Islamic Centre could heighten sensitivity and unease in Melbourne’s Muslim communities, but denied claims from members of the al-Furqan group of police mistreatment.

”There’s been no complaints made directly to us about that, but everything I’ve seen indicates our people acted reasonably,” he said.–Read more


When the second generation is more radical than its immigrant parents, it is no longer possible to rely on two liberal fantasies – that assimilation simply comes with time, and that extremists can be stopped at the gate. The problem is the culture, not merely the individuals you let in:

AUSTRALIAN Muslim children are at risk of being groomed in extremist anti-Western ideology by radicalised parents, posing a new challenge to national security agencies, a leading terrorism expert has warned…


Assimilation cannot be assumed when the welfare culture among refugees particularly is so extraordinarily strong. Judith Sloan on an Immigration Department report I wrote about last year:

For example, the employment rate of humanitarian migrants from Afghanistan was recorded at only 9 per cent … five years after settlement and nearly 94 per cent of households from Afghanistan received Centrelink payments

Those from Iraq did little better, with 12 per cent employed and 93 per cent of households in receipt of Centrelink payments. Interestingly, those who did best in the humanitarian group were from Central and West African countries such as Sierra Leone.

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