Muslim Clerics Continue to blame Jews, Israel and U.S. for 9/11 Attacks

Obama jumps at the chance:

 Hussein Obama thrilled he can now blame Israel for massacre of U.S. diplomatic personnel in Libya

Clip from the two-hour movie, ‘Innocence of Muslims,’ was financed with the help of more than 100 Jewish donors, said Bacile, who believes the film will expose Islam’s flaws to the world.  (BNI)

“Backlashphobia” keeps Mustards on their toes:

Shameless: In wake of jihad murder of ambassador, Hamas-linked CAIR claims victim status

This is total projection.

Does Ibrahim “Honest Ibe” Hooper of Hamas-linked CAIR have no shame? No decency? He could have used this occasion to explain, beyond simply denouncing the attack, what his Hamas-linked group is doing to teach Muslims that the interpretation of Islam held by those who killed Ambassador Stevens is all wrong — but he can’t do that, because they aren’t doing anything, and because they hold to essentially the same view of Islam.

US Muslims wary of possible retaliatory attacks,” by Jim Gold for NBC News, September 12: JW


Muslim Clerics Continue to blame Jews, Israel and U.S. for 9/11 Attacks

There is no cure for this. Until we put them out of their misery they’ll never get the message.

As the world commemorated the 11th anniversary of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, academics and clerics around the Arab world continue to put forth conspiracy theories blaming Israel and Jews for the attacks.

Guardian calls for free speech restrictions in wake of jihad murder of U.S. ambassador

The film is not really the point. It is a red herring. The film has been on YouTube since 2011. Someone was casting about for a pretext, and found one in this film. And so, we now see renewed calls for restrictions on the freedom of speech, just as I predicted when the stories of the embassy storming in Egypt and the murder of Ambassador Stevens first broke.

This is an increasing drumbeat on the Left. They can’t refute us, and so they have to shut us down. The odious thug Nathan Lean calls for censorship in the Los Angeles Times and now the Washington Post (I’ll get to it), and now Andrew Brown chimes in with the same call for authoritarian control of free speech. Andrew Brown has displayed his superior journalistic fairness and analytical skills in the past, when heequated me with the murderous jihadist Anwar al-Awlaki — as Cheradenine Zakalwe observes, “as if practising murderous jihad and merely describing it were morally equivalent.” The Guardian, true to form, denied me space for a rebuttal.

But in any case, the film is completely irrelevant. If it weren’t this, it would be something else.

“Libya: there is good reason to ban the hateful anti-Muhammad YouTube clips,” by Andrew Brown in the Guardian, September 12 (thanks to Islam Versus Europe):

According to the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI), a Yemenite researcher and academic named Majed Al-Mitri recently said on Arabic television that 9/11 was planned “by the U.S. and by the Jews in a clandestine manner” in order to target “Islam and the Muslims.” Nearly 3,000 Americans were killed in the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.

“The U.S. is conducting the greatest distortion campaign in its history,” said a second Yemenite academic, Yaha Al-Kateb, calling the attack as “the alleged 9/11 operation by the so-called Al-Qaeda.” He also stated that “the U.S. and Israel had prior knowledge” of the attack.

“The truth is that the fountain of terrorism and its roots are the people who, Allah said, ‘strive to spread corruption in the land.’ These are the people who, because of their corruption, their aggression, their disobedience and their transgressions, were transformed by Allah into apes and pigs,” yet another cleric, Muhsen Al-Shami, said.

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  1. So we are suppose to stop our god given right of freedom of speech so we don’t get some muslim colonizer angry in our own country? I got a better idea. Muslims move back to their islamic dumps and disconnect the internet.

  2. Every day more and more Muslims arrive illegally on our door step demanding to get into our country and refusing to wait in a queue to be officially processed. They continually destroy detention centres (which we have to pay for) then seek compensation for breaking the law.
    Once they get in to our country they demand that we change our laws and follow their rules. These people make up their own rules as they go and constantly call us racist in order to manipulate the system.
    One day I went to the toilet at work and a Muslim man was cleaning the ladies bathroom but he hadn’t put up a cleaning sign; thus I walked into the ladies, then realizing he was there I turned to walk out. The Muslim guy said “you can use the toilet.” I asked him if he had finished and he said no so I proceeded to leave. He again said “you can use the toilet.” I stated that I would not use the toilet whilst he was there as there was a large gap in the cubicle door. I asked him again if he had finished and he said no, so I left. This Muslim man came running after me and called me racist for refusing to go to the toilet in front of him.
    A friend of mine lost her bag and asked several people if they had seen it, however when she asked a Muslim she was called racist and management made her apologise to the Muslim. I could give you multiple examples of similar incidents, but the bottom line is that we are being discriminated and degraded in our own country by Muslims. In my opinion these people are evil terrorists who should be stopped before they destroy us.

  3. Funny how the Muslims claim that they are innocent, yet they seem to cause problems where ever they go in the world. They even fight amongst themselves if there is no one else to fight with. That is why there are so many problems in Islamic countries. These people are nothing but trouble and they want to take over the world. They will kill anyone who does not convert to their evil narcissistic religion.

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