Pamela Geller: "You cannot ask me to sacrifice my freedom so as not to offend savages"

Pamela Geller: President Obama Sanctions Blasphemy Laws –

Fox & Friends – 9-15-12 (update below the fold)

Editor of Atlas Shrugs / Author, Pamela Geller joins Fox & Friends to analyze the deeper meaning behind the REAL reasons for the flare ups in the Middle East; and how President Obama’s own words and actions can easily be defined as sanctioning blasphemy laws.

Rep. Allen West weighs in on the Obama Regime’s policy of appeasement in the Middle East–BNI

PDATE: Islamic supremacist hate propagandist Reza Aslan is in a tizzy, calling upon his marks to harass Tucker Carlson for having Geller on. Aslan’s tweets are “protected” so that I cannot see them, but he cannot protect against my Zionist black arts:


Once again, the pathetically outmatched Aslan lies about his foes who defend freedom. Watch the clip and see: Pamela Geller is not saying that Obama’s “promotion of Shariah, luv for Islam led to Emb attack.” She is making an entirely reasonable point: that by going to YouTube and trying to get them to take the Muhammad video down, and by having the filmmaker arrested, Obama is sanctioning the motive behind the embassy attacks: to intimidate the West into criminalizing criticism of Islam and adopting Sharia blasphemy laws.

Aslan’s purpose here is to harass Carlson so much that he will not dare have Pamela Geller on again. So fight back for truth and freedom: tweet @tuckercarlson and thank him for featuring Geller telling truths that others fear to tell. While you’re at it, tweet @rezaaslan and tell him what you think of his smears and defamation of freedom fighters, and his water-carrying for Sharia censorship.

6 thoughts on “Pamela Geller: "You cannot ask me to sacrifice my freedom so as not to offend savages"”

  1. I agree totally, Ms Geller. But can freedom of speech extend to making movies ridiculing Jews and Judaism, just for the heck of it, not because we want to insult them or anything, or does that not count? Antisemitism is an outrage, but making fun of other people’s religious icons (because we hate/fear/despise them) isn’t, right? Wrong. If we don’t do what we would by done by, then, well, something’s gonna explode.
    And it just did.

  2. Stop making excuses for these MUSLIM savages “faith! . If your religion is so weak that you have to kill others for making fun of it then it is NO RELIGION AT ALL. As for freedom of speech – it means that I have to freedom to say what I want about anything that I choose. It is up to you to either
    1) listen, disagree and debate,
    2) listen, agree and debate

    It is pretty clear that you are an idiot muslim – keep pushing and you will see a real explosion and it will remove you and your kind from this planet. YOUR CHOICE!!!!

  3. And yes, freedom of expression means that all religions are open from critic. How dare you even presume to tell me and others what I/we can speak about.
    Arrogant muslim!!!

    BTW, you have no faith – just a blind acceptance of dogma!!!

  4. @faith

    Christians and Jews are insulted and attacked all the time and when it is done to them it is called ‘free speech’.

    Let’s not pretend it is otherwise, I have yet to see these two groups behave in the appalling, reprehensible, murderous manner like the Muslims.

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