UK: EDL attacked; arrested 'for their own safety' — Koranimals riot & burn cars….

Leftist thugs declare victory:

“EDL humiliated”

Weyman Bennett, joint secretary of Unite Against Fascism, told  Socialist Worker, “We came, we saw, we defeated the EDL. This magnificent alliance that brought together anti-fascists, trade unionists, faith and community organisations is a model that can defeat the racists.”

Check here for updates:  Coverage of the EDL demo in Walthamstow here and here. (BCF)

Looks like the police joined the Koranimals:

From a leftist newspaper account,  Metro describes this photo: “Pictures of inflammatory EDL banners quickly spread on Twitter”

The site for todays EDL demonstration was attacked by from three to four HUNDRED screaming Muslim ‘yoots’  throwing bricks and glass bottles.

This is fascism: EDL Freedom Demo under violent attack   (Atlas Shrugs)

“Muslims kicking off and rioting burning cars as normal the religion of peace have been let to do what they want…. Now being attacked by the police”

This is what fascism looks like in the twenty first century. The EDL held a Walthamstow demonstration today which drew 1000 freedom lovers According to Musings of Durotrigan,

…..the borough has become a hotbed for Islamists in recent years, some of the most notable being involved in Anjem Choudary’s numerous differently-named groups consisting for the greater part of the same members articulating the same backward Islamist ideology

 Welcome to Walthamstow: ‘friends’ of the revolutionary socialist Left

EDL Facebook entry:


Muslims kicking off and rioting burning cars as normal the religion of peace have been let to do what they want

why our lads and lasses have all been sectioned 60 and arrested for there own safety

no water or anything for hours now

Police refusing access to the one toilet now provided. At least until searched and process. That’s 4 hours without toilet facilities & water. People have been arrested because they couldn’t hold on and had to relieve. Total police state

Why Are The EDL Going To Walthamstow?


EDL Demo site attacked

Posted on September 1, 2012 by Eeyore

The site for todays EDL demonstration was attacked by from three to four HUNDRED screaming Muslim youths throwing bricks and glass bottles.

The EDL were not allowed anywhere near the site. Our man on scene, EDL Buck will write up a more detailed report shortly. Check back in an hour!

This report courtesy of EDL Buck:

I’ll start at the begining. I arrived at Kings Cross at around 11 am, met up with some familiar faces and we went to the dolphin pub for a drink.

At 12 we left for the tube station to catch our ride to Blackhorse Rd station, good atmos. Left station and was corraled by the police until all had arrived. We were than marched in fits and bursts towards the demo point. Police had to clear the road ahead of us of muzzies and unwashed UAF types. Nearing our rally point we came under attack from missle (Bricks bottles etc) so mthe police diverted us down a side road. where we were kettled for several hours without toilet facilities, not a pretty sight while 3-400 muslim youths were pelting the stage with more bricks etc causing the stage to be taken down while tempers started to flare in frustration.

Some of the lads attempted to charge the police causing the cops to baton several skulls. A while later Kevin Carroll turned up and explained to us that we would be heading back to the tube station (And he looked none too happy about this). The walk back to the station took a couple of hours as the police had to clear the Muslim defence league scumbags ahead of us.

Upon reaching the station we saw it was blocked off the a combination of UAF and MDL so the police marched down a side road where we were kettled again with toilets, until around 10 pm. The police called a section 60 and we were all searched had our details taken for the police national computer handcuffed and bundled into various police vehicals/buses 1 EDL to 1 cop and dropped off at kings cross where we were de-arrested and told to go home. This is a new tactic by the police, we think it was to get us so pissed off that we wont go on future demos.


6 thoughts on “UK: EDL attacked; arrested 'for their own safety' — Koranimals riot & burn cars….”

  1. Now the native English are getting their cars burned and it’s like what has been happening to the French. If the citizens don’t stop the rioting there will be civil war… no way to stop it.

  2. I think that you folks in the UK have to realise that if you do not shut these muslim and left wing twats down in Walthamstow, then the rot is going to spread. You also have to realize that the Met has been infiltrated and that it is not on the side of the citizens of the UK.

  3. I was at the demo and I did not see cars being burned, bottles thrown or rioting from the anti-facist side. Why are you whipping up this hysteria?

  4. What hysteria Joe Public??? The pictures released suggest that you are either a liar or that you got your demonstrations confused. Additionally, as a member of the public I take great offence at something like you using my name in its moniker – do not insult the public again by using that moniker.

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