The U.S. military, not the EUSSR, deserves the Nobel Peace Price!

A Nobel Price For the EUSSR? Euro Moochers & Looters Reward Themselves….?

“The stabilizing role of the European Union has helped transform a once torn Europe from a continent of war in a continent of peace,” said the chairman of the Nobel committee.

That  guy is an asshole.

It was the U.S. army  that made sure that Western Europe was at peace for six decades, the longest period in its history. To give a Nobel Price to the unelected Marxists, Maoists, looters and moochers in the EUSSR parliament is adding insult to injury.

Where is the Nobel Price for the U.S. Army?


Debt, Neo-Nazis, Rising Tensions: European Union Wins the Nobel Peace Prize

Forget about the ‘Neo-Nazi’ bogeyman: the real story is the steady erosion of civil rights, the sellout to counterfeit “human rights”, the dismantling of the nation states,  the Islamization of Europe, the redistribution of wealth and the coming  totalitarian socialist nightmare. “Nazis” would be National Socialists, and there is hardly a country in Europe where they have  a chance for a majority. International socialism is the plan,   supported by a myriad of leftist organisations, governments and the United Nations, which already sees itself as the world government.

Previous recipients for the Nobel Price include Yasser Arafat, Hussein Obama, Mikhail Gorbachev and Le Duc Tho on behalf of Ho Chi Minh, who declined.

But wait a minute: given the depravity of it all, could it have something to do with this?

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6 thoughts on “The U.S. military, not the EUSSR, deserves the Nobel Peace Price!”

  1. Kissinger, Yasser Arafat are two previous winners. What more can you say? Just one other thing, perhaps….Hitler was nominated once!

  2. If any person deserved the Nobel peace prize, it had to be Winston Churchill. His signal fortitude in the face of powerful forces, saved the West, and thus the world, from calamity.

    But then Churchill hated socialists/Leftists/communists with as much force as he despised Nazis. That was that.

  3. Wow.

    Rigged awards for self aggrandizement. Pronouncement of success when it actuality they are surrounded by failure. Anyone remember the old Soviet five year plans? That were deemed so successful, even before they were implemented?

    It’s official. The EU is really a communist organization.

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