Afghanistan: another case of 'we will never know what motivated him…'

Political correctness is killing us. And our soldiers….

Afghan intelligence agent murders two of his American “allies” in jihad-martyrdom suicide attack

Barack Obama and General John Allen should be prosecuted for the deaths of every one of the over fifty troops murdered by their Afghan “allies” this year. They are all victims of the politically correct unwillingness to accept unpleasant realities about Islam: that it teaches hatred of and warfare against unbelievers, the virtue of deceit in war, and the impermissibility of cooperating with or allying with infidels on a permanent and lasting basis.

“Afghan Intelligence Agent Kills Two Americans in Inside Attack,” by Jonathan Miller for the National Journal, October 16 thanks to JW. (continued below)

In other news:

Afghan widows line up to get their foodstuff rations at a CARE International food distribution centre in Kabul, which provides some 7,200 widows with food and other services. With many Afghans living on less than $1 per day and high levels of food insecurity and malnutrition, the country is heavily dependent on aid. (More)

A member of the Afghan Intelligence service blew himself up on Saturday using a suicide vest, killing two Americans and four members of the Afghan intelligence agency, according to The New York Times.

The attack occurred when a delegation of members of the American coalition and those from Afghanistan’s National Directorate of Security arrived to deliver furniture to Maruf district, part of Kandahar Province, according to The Times.

The attack killed a former American officer and an American soldier. It also killed the deputy intelligence director for Kandahar Province, Ghulam Rasool; his two bodyguards; and another member of Afghan intelligence….

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  1. Discontinue ALL U.S. aid to any Islamic country. If Allah is so great, he will take care of his people. In other words, hundreds of thousands will die because Allah and his profit do nothing for the Muslims. They are surviving on the charity of the West. They hate the West, and laugh as they take Billions in aid from us. Cut off all financial aid and let them stew in their self-inflicted hell-holes, while they kill each other over their ” Immediate family first, extended family next, village next, the specific cult of islam my family was raised in” that keeps them killing each other. Savages? Yes they are.

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