African Savages Attack Soccer Club in Perth

Always remember: “no human being is ‘illegal'”

African Gatecrashers in Perth?

Another race riot?

African Gang Strikes again in Perth Australia— thanks to Vlad Tepes

Andrew Bolt

Police say  a GANG of  African gatecrashers  tried to force their way into the Balga Soccer and Social Club function on Princess Road about 8pm.

Gatecrashers of African descent arrived at the club and demanded entry but were refused.

Dozens of children and women at the event had been left traumatised, club officials said this morning…



Warning! This is horrific!

Is this the kind of cultural enrichment we want to see in Australia?

24 thoughts on “African Savages Attack Soccer Club in Perth”

  1. BTW, good luck trying to pass Australians off as “civilized” It is literally a nation of landgrabbing kidnappers and criminal bar brawlers

  2. robert4,
    So why is the rest of the World, 3rd world bludgers trying to get here en masse? I don’t see them trying to get into civilised countries as Nigeria, Indonesia, Malaysia etc.

    Off to centerlink with you.

  3. robert4,
    you comment is not even worth answering

    folks, just when you think that you have seen the bottom of the barrel along comes a whinging left wing troll and pushes the bar even further down.

    I wonder if robert4s brain cell is lonely – density O(0) in a vacumn.

  4. I wish we could send all our Pre-adamic Lower Primate afreeecans over there.
    Starting with De Kingfish and Saphire Obama.

  5. Hill,

    If you don’t see it in the original post, “Seamus” provided more 36 minutes after your post.

  6. “Ironside”

    Population of Nigeria: 160,000,000
    Population of Indonesia: 240,000,000
    Population of Malaysia: 28,000,000
    Population of Australia: 22,000,000

    Your “en masse” argument is “a miss”

  7. “robert”
    The latest crime stats for the poor African community in Victoria says it all.

    Your an idiot.


  8. In light of the fact that the police seem to have been advised to implement a softly-softly policy with these thugs (usually one would expect them to be muslim but that has not yet been clarified) the following story is of interest

    because it demonstrates that magistrates and judges seem to be using a very different and lenient set of rules when judging muslims. People need to comment on the particular incident noted in the link I have attached and they need to make the courts, police and politicians aware of what they think.

    Remember that the police also have their hands tied when dealing with these parasites, and that the chains are being supplied by the governmental policy makers.

  9. The Somalis and Sudanese Africans are over-represented in the criminal statistics wherever they are present (actually muslim africans) , and not only in Melbourne but world wide. There is a problem, and having dimwits like Robert lying to pretend that there is not a problem helps nobody. Now I would like to know where Robert is posting from – we need to determine if this is an Australian troll or an idiot from OS. Incidentally “Ironsides” argument is not “a miss”, however robert was insufficiently intelligent to understand it – amusing.

    The evidence, provided by robert, does suggest that “Ironside” is correct when he states that robert is an idiot. It is unlikely that any information can be provided to disprove the assertion.

  10. Ironside, you said:

    “Your an idiot.”

    I’ll put that up without further comment.

    I don’t know the crime stats for the poor African community. I know Victoria was invaded by poms some years past and had one of the highest criminality stats of any city in the world.

  11. F*ck me!! I was there I’m actually on the clip above so Robert you can’t be an expert in something when you weren’t even there. I tell you what Some people haven’t got a clue and its frustrating. First of all it had nothing to do with race, there were initially 4 or 5 African lads who were pissed who rocked up trying to get in, it was a ticket only function which was not open to the public. They were turned away, and they turned violent, they hit a lad on the back of the head and ran. When the lads chased him, around the corner were 20 more African lads waiting, they mugged him, and he managed to get inside. We bolted the door but they managed to smash the doors down using a row of seats as a battering ram, we managed to board up and call the police. They had access to the clubs empty glass bottle bin, so spent 20 minutes waiting trying to keep them out while they threw bottles and trashed cars. 1 cop car turned up, they ran away, then once the cops left they came back and sucker punched someone else because we called the cops. Cops did nothing and let a group of them leave. News reports have been poor covering this, as some reports have been false. 1 cop car (not 8 as reported), 20 minutes after 9 calls. Male and female officer on the scene, did nothing. No racist element to it, they were simply refused entry as not part of the club and no tickets, we have a few African players in the club who were in there as well they had tickets and were a part of the evening. Basically pissed up idiots who were trying to cause trouble!

  12. Robert,
    You are an idiot!!! Are you happy now that the minor grammatical by Ironside has been corrected!???

  13. “Hockeymonkey” My comment about racism had to do with the author of this BLOG, not the event you attended. I am glad you were unharmed. I am sorry these Africans in the land of Uluru are assimilating so well to the drunken, violent version “Australian” culture.

  14. “kaw” Yes, I am happy that the two of you have put together a grammatically correct four-word sentence. And it only took two attempts!

  15. @Hockeymonkey

    Thank you for sharing with us the events as they really happened, but save your breath for passive aggressive fantasists like Robert4; he is not interested in the truth. He prefers to stick to his moral pomposity as reflected in every condescending comment he posted.


    Good try. your inference to Seamus (Sorry Seamus) statement is not good enough. As it was not there when you originally made you general self righteous statement.

    So I will ask you again. Where in the article is the racism?

    Put up or shut up?

    The general consensus is correct. You are an idiot.

    But that is okay with me, because I enjoy knowing that people like you get to learn the hard way in life.

  16. Hill,

    The title of this BLOG begins “African Savages…” so I didn’t have to wait for an ape like Seamus to foul the comments section.

    Perhaps your reading comprehension is not your fault. Many “Australians” suffer from retarded educational advancement. It’s hard to learn to read when you are constantly on guard for dingoes that might eat your babies.

  17. Robert4,

    Ironside made a spelling error: a possible causes were explained to you but you were not able to comprehend it. You, on the other hand, are making massive errors of judgement and I would suggest that your comprehension is severely flawed. Incidentally Australia produces more Nobel prize winners per head of population than most other countries and most Australians would look at your uneducated comments with the self-depreciating humour these folks have. The simple fact is that African asylum seekers (nearly always muslim) have been behaving very badly for some time – and to not raise the issue would be rather stupid, even for a a low IQ person such as yourself.

    The title “African savages” is correct – they behaved like savages and they were african. Even you should see the connection. Part of the problem with PC followers like yourself is that you seek to destroy all discussion on unpleasant issues such as the attack on the social function. It was an attack, and the fact that you are in end effect defending the thugs who made the attack speaks volumes about what you are.

    I actually am of the opinion that the real danger to our societies comes from unthinking drones like yourself – and I am now debating what my people should do about you. I also would not call Seamus an ape – you have never met him – and the level of comprehension suggested by his efforts shows a complete superiority to what you have to offer, As I said, my people (and they have nothing to do with this web blog) are now going to take a very close look at you – unlike you we prosecute on the basis of evidence not hearsay – for that at least you should be grateful though I somehow doubt that you are capable of appreciating the irony. Have a nice day, little troll.

    As an addendum
    Regarding the dingo quote – very poor judgement on your part. The fact is that dingoes do take young children – and this is well known to the local Aboriginal people who have forgotten more about the bush than you have learnt. The parents involved went through a great deal of suffering, and the fact that you would use the horrible events that have happened to them as a parting quip demonstrates what a thoughtless piece of excrement you are.

  18. @kaw.

    Thank you and well said. It was a perfect reply.

    People like Robert4 are dangerous for the rest of us.

    Robert4 since you seem so invested in my nationality. I am neither Australian nor located in OZ. So, your cultural slur is meaningless to me, but does reflect your hypocrisy, just like a typical liberal apologist.

    As for your other attack on me, amusing. As if I needed a little troll to validate me.

    Sheik, out of curiosity? Where is this troll located?

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