10 years later they all went to Bali to assure us that Islam had nothing to do with it….


The Mail has huge coverage and pics, here.

Ten years after the terrorist blast which killed 202 people, survivors and victims’ families join Australian and Indonesian politicians in Bali for a ceremony of remembrance.

‘You get chills up your spine’ …Andrew Dobson’s children, Natasha and Mathew, at the makeshift shrine in a Kuta car park.

I get chills up my spine because after we paid billions to the Indo’s in jiziya, all we got is a makeshift shrine. The actual place has been turned into a public toilet.

One hears platitudes from Indonesian Foreign Minister Dr Marty Natalegawa like

“Their attack was nothing less than an assault on humanity, yet, in all this, they have utterly failed,” he said. “They tested our resolve, they tested our resilience. We did not succumb.”

But Islam didn’t succumb either, and neither did the soldiers of allah:

“It was a senseless and brutal act,” –West Australian Premier Colin Barnett told 200 people at the Kings Park Bali memorial.

No, it wasn’t. It was a well planned attack in accordance with Islamic teachings, meant to strike terror in the hearts of unbelievers. Lest we forget!

Colin Barnett is the jerk who led a vicious attack on Geert Wilders. Ignorance and cowardice on tap. Not ‘senseless’ at all. Terrorism works. Our rulers are terrified. Colin Barnett is so terrified and dhimmified that he sees criticism of Islam as the cause for Islamic terrorism. Barnett has his knickers in a twist and shames us all. Click on the link, he is by far not the only one. And the lame stream media is mute. Complicit.

If you want to get printed you need to write tosh like Greg Barton in the Drum.


Aussie News & Views has more cover:


7 thoughts on “10 years later they all went to Bali to assure us that Islam had nothing to do with it….”

  1. Is it our western rulers that are to blame for being terrified cowards or is it those western people that keeps on voting them into office?

  2. Didn’t Julia say that after the attack we are “defiant” and have become “stronger”? Exactly how? Paying more jizya and forgiving the killers unconditionally makes us “stronger”?
    Quite the opposite, I would say.

  3. Barnett is the moron who would like to ban Mr Wilders from WA. If he listened for a moment he might see the sense in the violence, ie it is jihad you dolt. He is a complete knucklebrain and ignoramus, none so blind as those who will not see.

  4. @Arild kaw is correct it is always confusing who is to blame, but even I can’t blame Bush for nine/eleven just because he didn’t jump right up in that kindergarten class and he just sat there for a minute looking around. It is a group effort and always we have to make sure the rest of the sheep aren’t the ones who push us off the proverbial cliff. All of them the people who vote are the ones responsible. We know we can pick our leaders and we are snart enough to know the difference.

  5. What makes Gillard cry?

    Why did Gillard cry in Washington, if she didn’t at Bali?

    Reader Simon writes:

    Gillard cried when she addressed congress, was it congress? Talking about what she remembered as a little girl of the moon landing; very moving and emotional memories.

    Today at the Bali memorial when Gillard spoke there did not seem to be the level of emotion in her voice as there was recalling the heyday of the American space program.

    If the situation were reversed it would make sense.

    Therefore I don’t ask why she didn’t cry today but why she cried in Washington.

  6. I think she cried in the US because she was reminscing how things were as a young girl, before she become a lying bitch.

    Yeah…I think that might be it…

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