Famous Rapist (Muslim) Has No Trouble Getting a Visa For Australia

Rape is “controversial?”

Tyson served three years in prison for rape.

CONTROVERSIAL former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson is set to make his first visit Down Under after he was granted a visa to enter Australia.

Tyson, 46, was last week blocked from entering New Zealand due to his 1992 rape conviction.

A spokeswoman from Australia’s Department of Immigration and Citizenship said Wednesday it had granted the former heavyweight boxing champion an entertainment visa to cover the duration of his five-city Australian tour starting next month.

She said officials carefully weighed the pros and cons of his visit and of his character given his criminal past.

The spokeswoman spoke on condition of anonymity because of office policy.

Tyson was to visit both countries on a “Day of the Champions” tour. New Zealand immigration authorities initially granted him a visa before a charity withdrew its support and officials reversed their decision.

4 thoughts on “Famous Rapist (Muslim) Has No Trouble Getting a Visa For Australia”

  1. didn’t he bite some blokes ear off, should chop off his um, er, punie penee.
    strange how Geert Wilders has some much trouble but some skumbag muzzie gets in

  2. A thug in the ring and a thug outside, but gets an Australian visa. Geert Wilders is of course far worse then a thug – he tells the truth, and that is a hate crime.

  3. Another charity in NZ is trying to get him here..It has never happened before that special dispensation for a visa be given , overturned and then the visa reissued. So here is hoping. I personally know the woman who got this overturned. She is a very smart , capable woman.. She identified that the the letter from the original charity was not official..It had been written by an Auckland based volunteer , on letterhead paper without any authority..
    I did not know he was a muslim. He was issued a visa , then said smart things about our Prime Minister who happens to be Jewish , who then promptly revoked the visa..What a moron Tyson is..you get a visa you STFU..but not him he insults our Prime Minister.

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