France is slipping away, fast…..

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Now you know:

The breakup of a French jihad cell  has nothing to do with Islam, say the government, the experts and the media.

Islam, the Premier Religion of France?

Well, don’t take my word for it. Its happening according to plan. But here’s a poll  that shows “a further hardening in French people’s opinions”– think that helps?

Iran Press TV: Whiny Mustard Prop a Dime a Dozen

It never ceases to amaze me how many slimy Pom’s are willing to sell their souls in the service of the vile and despicable mullahs who rape underage virgins in prison before they hang them.

Listen to the narrator of this video, its enough to give you the creeps:

French Muslims claim: “‘Islamophobia’ is the worst kind of racism in the world”

Slick imam turns it around, says protesters live in the past:

Whose Spirit of War?  (GOV)

It may not translate very well into French, but we have an expression here that applies to this taqiyyah-peddling imam: “Butter wouldn’t melt in his mouth.”

Many thanks to Michael Laudahn for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Sarkozy; just as corrupt or even more than all the political miscreants before him:

Sarkozy ‘exonerated’ billionaire Aga Khan from paying tax, corruption inquiry hears

Mail Online 26 October 2012/By Peter Allen

Multi-billionaire British knight the Aga Khan was ‘exonerated’ from paying any tax at all by former French president Nicolas Sarkozy, it emerged today. It meant that the   (EuroNews)

4 thoughts on “France is slipping away, fast…..”

  1. War is closer than I had ever imagined. All this muslim crap is really starting to do my head in. Where are all the polititions with balls ? Is the west just going to sit back and let this happen. Im certain that if these problems are not met politically very soon , we will see more lives lost than in the previous two world wars put together. What is wrong with us?

  2. @mad-aussie,

    IMHO, Not, “what is wrong with us?”

    But, what is wrong with them? That they would put this in motion or allow for this to happen at the expense of others lives and livelihoods?

  3. Thank God for websites like this that expose the evil and manipulation by Islam to the rest of the world. A Revolution is an order. We must fight for our rights, we must count the cost like those before us. Otherwise, our worst fears will become our reality.

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