France: The Missing Link?

The Strasbourg terrorist Jérémie Louis -Sidney was a petty criminal from the Antilles who found Islam in jail.

“Some are wondering whether there might be a link between delinquency and religious extremism….”

The Psychically And Socially Marginal Who Succumb To Adult-Onset Islam

Hugh Fitzgerald

Here, from,  more abou  , the Antillean who was a petty criminal who then Found Islam — so many criminals do — which helped to justify his activities which now were no longer criminal, but took place as part of a Jihad against the circumambient society of non-Muslims. He was put out of his  the man put out of his homicidal misery the other day by the French forces of order,. There are others like, and there will be others still, unless the French halt Muslim immigration, work to make France Islam-hostile, and conduct a campaign of enlightenment that subjects Islam to detailed critical scrutiny and, of course, mockery.–The two videos are instructive — don’t miss them.

Islamic terrorism is alive and well in Europe. It will not disappear just because it is ignored.

The terror cell that was uncovered and its members who were arrested in Paris, Tours, Strasbourg and Cannes, proves that a real threat hovers over members of the Jewish community in France. Although Jews are not the only targets on this terror cell’s list, they appear at the top. This bitter hatred toward Jews is inconceivable.

No its not. Its straight out of Koran, sira and hadith. Its the essence of Islam:

Qur’an 5:82, which labels the Jews the worst enemies of the Muslims (“Thou wilt surely find the most hostile of men to the believers are the Jews…”)

Update from France: 11 (not 10) Salafist Jihadis Arrested, 1 killed

In fact 11 jihadis were arrested and 1 was killed on October 6th. A 12th suspect was arrested today, some of the original batch were released, it’s hard to keep track. Information is slowly leaking into the news stream but no matter how much we learn the best is yet to come. (full post below the fold!)

Troubled French suburbs ‘linked’ to homegrown terrorism


France has long known that crime is a problem in its disadvantaged neighbourhoods. But today it looks like the suburbs might be at the root of a whole new problem: home-grown terrorism. In the wake of a nationwide crackdown on suspected French terror cells that left one person dead, some are wondering whether there might be a link between delinquency and religious extremism.—More missing links at France 24 via Mullah/09/10/2012

In fact 11 jihadis were arrested and 1 was killed on October 6th. A 12th suspect was arrested today, some of the original batch were released, it’s hard to keep track. Information is slowly leaking into the news stream but no matter how much we learn the best is yet to come. There’s the human interest angle: someone found another one of Jérémie’s “wives.” This one is in Cannes, where the Louis-Sydney cell had its headquarters. Like almost all the other family members or friends, she testified from the neck down. Strange impression of all these “beheaded” witnesses! Her coquettish hijab can be discerned, but her pregnant belly is in your face, pushing against a fashionable knitted top. Unlike the Strasbourg wife she is not in niqab. The sobbing pregnant Cannes wife–who has a one year-old child—says Jérémie asked her to name their daughter Soumaya and raise her “in the religion.” She will respect his wishes. His death has fortified her faith. She didn’t know anything about his radical activities. He had gone to Strasbourg to see the mother of his son, that’s normal. N.B. these two unwed mothers, and others that might turn up as the investigation proceeds, will most likely live on government subsidies. That’s normal too? The latest count is five children with three different women.

Sunday morning a delegation of Jewish community leaders met first with Interior Minister Manuel Valls and then spent an hour with the president who made a brief and strangely halting public statement after the meeting. The government is determined to stamp out racism and anti-Semitism. No word or deed will escape its vigilance. But of course there must be no confusion between these terrorists and the vast majority of Muslims in France who must not be stigmatized. Joel Mergui, president of the Consistoire said that he and his colleagues have good relations with the Muslim community in general and never stigmatize. However he would like Muslim officials and imams to unambiguously condemn this murderous hatred of Jews.

To date, the only one who has condemned it is Dalil Boubaker, rector of the Great Mosque of Paris, considered an Uncle Mo by Islamic militants of all stripes. Mohamed Moussaoui, president of the Muslim umbrella organization spoke up… to condemn the (anticipated) confusion between Islam in all its goodness and these criminals. For three days running, the arrest of the Sydney Salafist cell has been the top news item in all media. This morning the newspapers are filling in details that were skirted in the weekend reports, with as many as five foreground and background stories plus interviews and editorials in each of the major dailies. We learn, for example, that Louis-Sydney scolded his Côte d’Azur wife, the one who doesn’t wear niqab, for her insufficient respect for the rules and regulations of Islam. Interior Minister Valls has suggested that there will be more arrests in the near future. It is possible that one more member of the dismantled cell is on the loose, perhaps fighting the jihad in Syria. Estimates are thrown about but one can be sure the figures are changing as we write. With comical certainty officials and experts are claiming that approximately 200 out of the ten or twelve thousand Salafists in France are as dangerous as the ones who were just arrested. Two hundred enraged murderous Jew haters, armed to kill, and determined to go down as shahids? Is that supposed to be reassuring?

It explains the mixture of relief and apprehension that stirs our hearts. A brief moment of relief at Saturday’s arrests, followed by the chilling thought of how many of the same ilk are still out there stirring their fiendish cauldron. How long will it take to find them, bring them in for questioning, make a case against them, and put them in prison, where… ah! …where it seems they got “radicalized” in the first place. Though this detail has been refined too. It seems (no surprise to us) that opportunities for “radicalization” abound. If I use the term “radicalization,” with or without quotation marks, I am simply transmitting the terms currently employed. The nitty gritty will be revealed in the wake of this flash flood prise de conscience. Those of us who have been working with all our might for the past twelve years to demonstrate the connection between the al Dura blood libel, anti-Zionism, violence against Jews, and the will to destroy French society are almost weeping to see and hear the terms correctly linked by political leaders and, yes, journalists. The dam has burst. The reluctance of the first hours that I mentioned in my earlier dispatch has been swept away and dozens of our mainstream colleagues can say anti-Semitism without choking.

Opposition leaders Jean-François Copé and François Fillon, currently vying for the presidency of the UMP party, stand with the Hollande government on this issue. Copé is calling for a united front against terrorism (yes, friends, I know, it’s jihad, but give them time…) Reader’s comments on various sites carry the same message.  My intuition was that the savage murder of parachutists and Jews by the homegrown jihadi Mohamed Merah marked a turning point in France similar to the rafle du Vel d’Hiv in 1942. The collaborationist government pursued its evil reign; the French police arrested Jews, sent them to local camps from which they were transported to the Nazi death camps;  neighbors denounced Jews and stole their property, but something changed, support for the résistance increased, more people were willing to take great risks to protect and hide Jews. Today, France is still a sovereign nation. Under the influence of Islam but not occupied. The résistance can develop within major political parties that have the power to impose the will of the people.

The connection between the latest batch of homegrown jihadis and Mohamed Merah is now widely accepted.  We know that Merah introduced the video of his savage murders with a medley of images of Palestinian children allegedly killed in cold blood by Israeli soldiers. Now we learn that Yann Nkusa, believed to be Jérémie Louis-Sydney’s accomplice in the attack on the Naouri grocery store in Sarcelles, posted a similar medley on his Facebook page. Whether or not the al Dura image actually figures in these creations, it is the prime source of all the other fakes, including the one with a soldier holding a gun to the head of a supine Palestinian child that appears in Nkusa’s photo gallery. In fact that soldier is not Israeli and the incident was street theater but, like all the others of the genre, it draws its legitimacy from the al Dura fake news report broadcast on France 2 on September 30, 2000.

Richard Prasquier, president of the CRIF, and Sammy Ghozlan, president of the BNVCA were among those invited to meet Valls and Holland eths Sunday. They are also among those who have been valiantly trying to make the French government aware of the connection between the al Dura blood libel and this endless series of violence against Jews. Has the hour of truth finally arrived? I will try to get some inside information after the end of Succoth on Tuesday evening. How appropriate: on Succoth we celebrate the harvest (in this case, it includes jihadis) and at the same time renew our awareness of the fragility of our solidly constructed habitations.

Factual information comes in dribs and drabs. You have to follow all the media to get any half way coherent picture of what is going on. I found out today that Jérémie Louis-Sydney had five children by three different wives. And more on the way.  Some members of the cell are believed to be in Syria. Investigators are following threads from the cell dismantled this weekend, which will probably lead them to other similar groups. Latest reports say that 8 people are still detained for questioning. And internal security services will certainly be more serious about surveillance of potential perpetrators. Le Monde reports that one of the cell members displayed on Facebook his admiration for Ansar Al-Sharia spokesman, the Tunisian Hassan Brik, who has since been arrested and charged with organizing the attack on the American Embassy in Tunis ( September 14th). It seems that French jihadis are hooked on Facebook and Twitter, and not very careful about what they post. Merci, that should facilitate surveillance.

I had been wondering how Jérémie Louis-Sydney knew the police were coming last Saturday at 6 AM. There was no minute of surprise, not even a second. They came through the door and he emptied the barrel of his Magnum 357. In a way, it’s fortunate: the policemen were protected by their gear from what would have been fatal gunshot wounds and the shootout proved to the reticent that these people are truly dangerous and Jews are not their only targets. But how did he know? A neighbor tells that he heard loud noises in front of the building, opened the shutters, and saw the police standing in front of the entry to the building. They asked him to buzz them in. If the unsuspecting neighbor heard the tumult at 6 AM we might suppose that the gun-toting jihadi heard it too.

Former anti-terrorist judge Jean-Louis Bruguière tells le Figaro daily that the Salafist demonstration in front of the American embassy (September 15) was “the first visible manifestation of deep rooted radical Islamism in our western societies…” Manuel Valls had said he was shocked by the anti-Semitic slogans repeated that day (and ignored by the media, back then, before the dismantlement of a jihad cell made it all so clearly visible). The interior minister promises to get properly trained Muslim chaplains for the prisons and proper French-trained imams for the mosques. Man-outside-the-mosque interviews are popping up on television. You won’t be surprised to learn that they all say this violence has nothing to do with Islam. Did anyone think of asking them whether the violence in Mali has anything to do with Islam? How about Nigeria? Does radical Islam have anything to do with Islam?  An ironclad barrier is still erected against this vital question. It will give way too.


Google translation from French:

President of the National Front Marine Le Pen said that “Islam of France” did not exist before calling all Muslims who accept French secularism to fight alongside him against Islamism they are also victims .
“There is no Islam in France,” Marine Le Pen launched at “C’Politique” on France 5.

“Nicolas Sarkozy created the French Council of the Muslim Faith, which allows all Muslims to vote (for its instances) even if they are illegal: there is no Islam in France. Islam is financed by money from abroad: there is no Islam in France, “insisted the president of FN for the first time wore a pendant depicting a map of France that gave him the federation FN Perpignan .

Asked about the dismantling of an Islamist group, the former presidential candidate said it was “obvious” that “operations proselytizing of radical Islam are not controlled on our soil.” “I think I can say that there is a large deficit in intelligence, especially in our neighborhoods. Seeing us, for a number of years to hybridization between radical Islam and crime and drug trafficking. This For many years talking about, there are thousands of weapons circulating in the suburbs, “said the leader frontist.

“Nicolas Sarkozy was empty cellars, obviously nothing has been done in this area,” she noted, before calling for “monitor imams who preach” to avoid including recruitment of young offenders in their neighborhoods.
“We must be firm and expel foreign imams who profess this kind of preaching. Should remove the foreign funding of mosques. And for those who celebrate religious marriages of persons already married (polygamy), then they expel are foreigners and they are condemning French, “she asked.

“The French know that we should not make confusion between radical Islam and of Muslims who agree with the functioning of our secular country,” said Marine Le Pen. She argued that many of these Muslims were “victims of this pressure inadmissible against the young women to veil or insulted when they are in a skirt, that made the Muslim citizens who do not submit the Ramadan and that it attacks. ” “All these Muslim victims should be on our side and I tell them ‘come fight with us political Islam”

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