Gellerphobia: CAIR Campaign More Crooked Than Islamic Poster Girls Teeth

CAIR Counters D.C. Anti-Muslim Ads with Message of Forgiveness, Justice Sharia

CAIR’s counter ads feature a verse from the Quran stating: “Show forgiveness, speak for justice and avoid the ignorant.” (The Holy Quran, 7:199) The CAIR 16-foot banner ads, which are scheduled to go up next week and stay up for a month in stations featuring the hate ads …

Gellerphobic CAIR to post  Koran verses in Washington metro stationsBy PR Newswire  via Mullah.  More “hate” and ignorance of the Truth at Sys-con Media

Pamela Geller speaks to Israel National News

The message is clear. Any war on innocent civilians is savage. The war on Israel is a war on   innocent civilians.

12 thoughts on “Gellerphobia: CAIR Campaign More Crooked Than Islamic Poster Girls Teeth”

  1. Show forgiveness? This phrase coming from muslimes has to be the ultimate in hypocracy. Their isnt a muslim on earth that would know the meaning of the word FORGIVENESS. Yeah we will show you forgiveness, at the end of a M16 rifle. You make me sick , all of you.

  2. Any war on innocent civilians is savage? This phrase coming from Pamela Geller has to be the ultimate in hypocrisy. Geller does not believe in innocent civilians. She even called the idea of the innocent civilian a “meme” —— just like talking cats on the internet.

  3. Keep wasting my time picking on girls Robert4. Plenty of room for those three marbles to roll around inside an empty head I guess.

  4. Robtard4: Pam Geller was clearly saying the government of Lebanon shouldn’t pretend it can’t deal with Hezbollah because then it might accidentally hit innocent civilians if it even tried (because of course Hezbollah hides behind children as human shields, much as Muhammad himself did when he made war on Mecca). All governments have the duty to protect their citizens from criminals, and all moslems are criminals.

  5. Robert4
    “Geller does not believe in innocent civilians”. That was the big question about the german people under Hitler, and the same could count for a lot of both russians and chinese under Stalin and Mao. Neither from those countries were religious committed as all muslims are. So the doubt about the civilian muslims is very relevant.

  6. “Innocent civilians” most certainly doesn’t apply to a people who are religiously devoted to commit genocide on Jews and to wipe Israel from the face of the earth.

    When it comes to that, Arab muslims are collectively guilty.

    The meaning of ‘in any war between the savage and the civilised man’ is to protect civilisation, humanity against genocidal savages. Our Moslem friend above needs to be told who the savages are?


  7. @Robert4

    Apologist like you are dangerous for the rest of us.

    The vast majority of the posters here have lived with these savages and know what that reality means. No thank you. Been there, done that.

    By all means join the savages, See how far your sympathy gets you after your uselessness wears off.

    Civilization for the civilized.

  8. @RichieRich,

    That is a very good idea. More Americans should learn, through the use of their own words, what Muslims really think of them.

    Although, the World Trade Center attacks 93 & 9/11, FT. Hood should have been awakening for them.

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