How dirty is McRino?

John McCain asked to explain defense of Huma Abedin; responds with a lie

He  issues a bald-faced lie when he says “There’s no connections there…”

Other news:

Actual PuffHo Headline: ‘Why Some Women Don’t Vote With Their Vaginas’

Can you imagine the outrage if a conservative author wrote an article titled “Why Some Men Don’t Vote With Their Penises?”

Ann Coulter Tells Piers Morgan He’s a ‘Sexist, Misogynist Pig’ With a ‘Teeny, Tiny, Male Ego’

Conservative author Ann Coulter on Friday called CNN’s Piers Morgan a sexist, misogynist pig. Read More

Obama Supporters Slam ‘Romney’ Policies…Then Find Out They’re Actually Obama’s

 “Well, I mean, I understand what you’re saying, but…”–Read more>>

 One day, these kids will murder their parents:

  • Worst Pro-Obama Kids Song Ever?
    • “The Earth is cracked, Big Bird is sacked and the atmosphere is frying”– Pro-Obama Ad Has Children Singing About an America Where ‘Sick People Just Die’ & ‘Oil Fills the Sea… 


5 thoughts on “How dirty is McRino?”

  1. Sheikh

    Lets not be too hard on John McCain . Being a PoW in N Vietnam is bound to have effects on the body, mind and soul.

  2. That’s exactly the point.

    In that case, who were the imbeciles who made him run for the presidency?

    And if he has a screw lose (or two) why is he perverting the curse of justice against Saudi mole Huma Abedin and her lesbian slave?

  3. I would want to know why ($$$$) he felt the need to defend her at all? Who in the background is his paymaster.

    If Boehner, came out in defense of her, you know someone with big dosh is somewhere in the background. Boehner is as known in his avarice as, John “Cash and Carry” Kerry.

    Why the hell, would the Republican speaker of the House defend this woman? It should be silence or vocal support of your party members.

    Two dinosaurs who need to go.

  4. “One day, these kids will murder their parents:”

    It would serve them right, that in an act of rebellion their children became ultra conservatives.

  5. Sheiikh wroe: In that case, who were the imbeciles who made him run for the presidency?

    You got me there. OK.

    Why did McCain throw the election. Why did Romney not grill Obama over Bengazhi. If he had, the election would be his.

    Why do Obama, McCain, Clinton, Romney, Gordon Brown, Blair, Cameron, and the rest of the West, all agree with the policy set in the Bush era?

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