If their clerics are that dumb, can you imagine how crazy their followers are?

Egyptian Cleric ‘Alaa Said Ridicules Christianity and Vows to Instate Islamic Law in Egypt  — (MEMRI TV)

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Peace-preaching Muslim cleric quickly eliminated: he was “inciting peace”

Lebanon: Muslim cleric preaches peace, is immediately shot dead

Al-Asmar was no reformer. He was killed after he said to the Muslims who were fighting each other: “What you are doing is wrong. Who do you want to kill? Don’t you know that it is impermissible for a Muslim to shed another Muslim’s blood?” And it is — it says so in Qur’an 4:92. He doesn’t seem to have cared about Muslims killing Infidels: he was an energetic proponent of the jihad against Israel. Still, this demonstrates that Islamic jihadists will physically intimidate — and even kill — Muslims who oppose them, which is not a good sign for those who have placed all their hopes in the prospects of large-scale reform in Islam.

“Tripoli Sheikh Shot Down Inciting Peace,” by Abdel Kafi al-Samad for Al-Akhbar, October 23

Abu Islam is inciting violence againt Christians of Egypt. (Vlad Tepes)

Please click here for an AINA article which gives proper context to who this man is, what it is he does, and to a degree, why he broadcasts from the UK as opposed to Egypt.

Just don’t call them savages, that might hurt their tender feelings!

Apologists in Washington make excuses that the waves of Islamic violence across the world is due to some silly YouTube video, the facts on the ground differ. Violence against anyone for even the mere hint of blasphemy is an everyday occurrence.

 Egyptian Cleric ‘Alaa Said Ridicules Christianity and Vows to Instate Islamic Law in Egypt   (MEMRI TV)

Following are excerpts from an interview with Egyptian cleric Alaa Said, which aired on Al-Rahma TV on October 15, 2012.

Alaa Said: Missionary activity is going on non-stop, while we are preoccupied with secularism and liberalism, with Islamists and secularists, religion, backwardness, and reactionaries…


By God, even if you jump up and down in the media, day in and day out, I swear that Islam will be instated, whether you or the people behind you like it or not, and whether the mightiest superpower or leader likes it or not, because Islam is the religion of our God. Everything else is temporary and transient. [Secular journalists] Ibrahim issa, Amr Adeeb, lamis Al-Hadidi, Wael Abrashi, and that entire clique will ultimately face our Lord. And there are many others like them.

Oh journalists, take heed. This is our religion. I swear by Allah that this has nothing to do with the Muslim Brotherhood, the Salafis, Dr. Morsi, or anyone else. Islam will be instated, the Shari’a will be implemented, whether you or whoever is behind you likes it or not. Whether the Christians like it or not, they will learn the meaning of Islam.

I find it strange that they spend all that money… Let me ask the reasonable among the Christians: Why do you approach poor people and little children with a cross in one hand and bread in the other? Kids just want a chocolate bar or biscuits… The boy wants money… [They give him] 200 Egyptian pounds every day… [They give money] to girls who have sex, and then the girls say: “We have become Christians.” The [missionaries] say: “The whole world is open to us. Where would you like to go? You want to go to Germany, America, or anywhere in Europe? We will take you. Do you want to be pampered? We will pamper you.”

This is your religion, and yet you dare talk about Islam?! You dare say that Islam coerces and harms people?!


Let me ask you something. It’s not a riddle. The bread in the Last Supper was not actual bread. It was flesh, and the wine was blood. Do you understand any of this?

Interviewer: No.

Alaa Said: You explain this me. The bread in the Last Supper is not real bread. The bread is flesh, the wine is blood, and three is one. Three is one, get it?

Interviewer: No, I don’t.

Alaa Said: They say that Jesus is the only son of Allah. He was born, but not conceived. I’d like their leader – what’s his name? – to explain this to us. What does “born but not conceived” mean? Do tell us. No Christian is allowed to ask what this means.