Islamic Preachers Are Different…

How different? A few examples:

British-based preacher shown with armed gang in Syria

Amateur footage appears to show an influential British-based preacher that is leading an armed gang made up of more than a hundred Islamist fighters in Syria.

Religion of Peace Cleric Planned Suicide Attack… (TROP)

A radical Jordanian Salafist-Jihadist cleric with ties to al-Qaida said on Saturday that jihadists from his country had planned to carry out a suicide attack in Israel, according to a Sunday report in Jordan’s Albawaba news website.

Abu Muhammad al Tahawi said that Jordanian Salafist-Jihadists had wanted to carry out an attack but the plan had failed.

However, al-Tahawi said that Jordanian Salafists were “getting closer to Palestine via Jordan, Syria and Lebanon”, according to the report.

Genocidal Mass Murderer Lives Comfortably in Britain

NHS boss faces death penalty over charges of torture and 18 murders in Bangladesh

  • War crimes tribunal set to bring damning indictments against NHS director of spiritual care
  • Prosecutors want him extradited to face trial over atrocities committed in Bangladesh in 1971 (Daily Mail)

Mueen Uddin: The Mass Murderer at the Heart of Britain’s Islamist Establishment

Mueen Uddin was one of the prime movers behind the Muslim Council of Britain.

Mr Mueen-Uddin and his associates allegedly subjected their victims to horrendous torture before killing them and dumping their bodies in sports grounds which earned the nickname ‘killing fields’.


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  1. The question aboutall these Islamic preachers is that who are they really ? The answer is that they are the imams and mullahs of Islam which is a false religion therefore these Muslims clerics are in reality false teachers who not only teach but also indoctrinate false doctrines which are but falsehoods and lies with a little bit a truth mixed into it to make it all seem the more real into the hearts and minds of the people [victims] in the mosques and madraasas. All of this was starded by a false prophet by the name of Muhammad. In fact ,Jesus did was about the coming of such a man, as in Matthew 7:15. To fine out more there is

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