"Its very danger for world peace, therefore we have to limit the speech of freedom"

Koranimals rally against free speech in Denmark

The speech by the Danish pastor about the proper use of a kitchen knife is rather disturbing. But I guess the kitchen knife is not the problem either; its the honour of muselmaniacs that needs to be defended.  (Both vid’s thanks to Mullah & Dispatchmedia)

Nidra Poller: Islam, where is the problem?

Freedom of the press cannot be limited without being lost.

4 thoughts on “"Its very danger for world peace, therefore we have to limit the speech of freedom"”

  1. Free speech is not a danger to world peace. Islam is a danger to world peace. They won’t be satisfied until we infidels “find ourselves subdued.”

  2. There are also many non-moslems asians complaining of too much freedom in the West! Those asians should realise that, it is their intolerant asian culture and extremely intolerant islamic culture/ideology that is causing the problem and not freedom of speech.

  3. Freedom of speech not only for the press but for everyone cannot be limitid without being lost. The truth of these words have been proven in every totalitarian systems the world have seen and that would never have evolved with a First Amendment like the americans have. With unlimited free speech there wouldn’t have been any islam either.

  4. Silly idolaters! First it was: “The Allah made us do it!” Now it’s: “The 13 minute YouTube video made us do it!” And: “Your free speech made us do it!” Seems everythinng in the world is as powerful as their “allah” – to them!

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