Jihad For Love? Mountains of Skulls Around the World Don't Lie…

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You gotta be pretty dense to buy into this. “Social Justice” freak Jim Wallis and a gang of kumbaya tools chipped in to steal Pamela Gellers thunder. They ain’t seen nothing yet:

Pro-Muslim Subway Ads to Hang Near Anti-Jihad Ads


Striking back against an anti-jihad advertisement in the subways widely perceived as anti-Muslim, two religious groups – one Jewish, one Christian – are taking out subway ads of their own to urge tolerance.


The kumbaya brigades, useful idiots for jihad:

Rabbis for Human Rights – North America and the group Sojourners, led by the Christian author and social-justice advocate Jim Wallis, are unveiling their campaigns on Monday. Their ads will be placed near the anti-jihad ads in the same Manhattan subway stations, leaders of both groups said and transit officials confirmed. The groups said their campaigns were coincidental.

I wonder why the posters don’t say “we love how Muslims hate us”- at least that would make sense. These people are insane!

The ad by Rabbis for Human Rights turns the language of the earlier ad, placed by a pro-Israel group, on its head. The original ad says, “In any war between the civilized man and the savage, support the civilized man. Support Israel. Defeat jihad.” The ad by Rabbis for Human Rights says, “In the choice between love and hate, choose love. Help stop bigotry against our Muslim neighbors.”

“We wanted to make it clear that it is in response to the anti-Islam ad,” said Rabbi Jill Jacobs, executive director of Rabbis for Human Rights, whose members include rabbis from all streams of Judaism.

The Sojourners ad simply says, “Love your Muslim neighbors.”

Yeah, ask the Fogel family who had their throats cut and their children’s heads cut off. Mustard love is special.

Another Christian group, United Methodist Women, an affiliate of the United Methodist Church, has placed similar ads in the same 10 Manhattan stations where the anti-jihad appears. The ads, which went up on Wednesday, say, “Hate speech is not civilized. Support peace in word and deed.”

One of the Methodist group’s ads, in Times Square station, is posted right next to one of the anti-jihad ads.

The anti-jihad ads, placed by the American Freedom Defense Initiative in 10 Manhattan stations, went up only after the group successfully sued the Metropolitan Transportation Authority, which wanted to ban them. They were posted late last month – in the wake, as it happened, of violent protests that had erupted in many parts of the Muslim world over an American-produced video ridiculing the Prophet Muhammad, and one of them was immediately defaced. They have been defaced at least 15 times since then, said Aaron Donovan, a spokesman for the authority.

Last week, the authority changed its advertising rules to ban ads that could “imminently incite or provoke violence or other immediate breach of the peace.”

Mr. Donovan said the new ads “are accepted and conform with our guidelines,” adding, “The M.T.A. doesn’t endorse any of the ads we carry.”

The executive director of the American Freedom Defense Initiative, Pamela Geller, did not immediately respond to a request for comment on the new ads.

Rabbi Jacobs said: “Geller thinks she is speaking for the entire Jewish community. We are a group of 1,800 rabbis and we want everyone to know that we have to work in partnership with the Muslim community and do not believe in dehumanizing them.”

Sojourners’ campaigns manager, the Rev. Beau Underwood, said, “An essential tenet of Christianity is to love our neighbors.” He added: “In the face of religious extremism, the best response is to treat others like we would want to be treated. Our ad campaign has a simple message that is at the heart of our faith.”

Sojourners, together with some local interfaith communities, recently put up “Love your Muslim neighbors” billboards in Joplin, Mo., where a mosque was burned in August.

A Sojourners solicitation for donations says: “Hateful anti-Muslim ads only result in violence, hatred, and more fear. Everyone – regardless of race, religion, or creed – deserves to feel welcome & safe when riding public transit in the United States.”

“Rabbis” sanction jihad

Pamela Geller:

What useless tools. Unforgivable. Maimonides (1135 – 1204) was a preeminent medieval Jewish philosopher and one of the greatest Torah scholars and physicians of the Middle Ages. He said this of Islam:

Let Ye understand, my brothers, the Holy One Blessed HE through the trap created by our iniquities cast us amongst this nation, the people of Ishmael [Muslims] whose oppressiveness is firmly upon us and they connive to do us wrong and despicably downgrade us as the Almighty decreed against us (Deuteronomy 32:31, “Your enemies shall judge you”).
There never came against Israel a more antagonistic nation. They oppress us with the most oppressive measures to lessen our number, reduce us, and make us as despicable as they themselves are [Psalms 120:5].

Here is the complete statement I gave to the Jewish Week in response to this campaign:

Leading Jewish voices like Caroline Glick, Martin Sherman, Paul Schnee, Steve Goldberg and Lori Lowenthal-Marcus support my ad. So this shows the diversity of opinion within Judaism, which is a notable contrast to the Muslim community — where are the moderate Muslims speaking out in support of my ad?

These rabbis have good intentions. I am all for choosing love. My own ad is not hate speech, it’s love speech. It’s love of life speech. The ad speaks to the defense of freedom and individual rights for all. There’s nothing hateful about it. 9/11 was hate. 3/11 in Madrid was hate. 7/7 in London was hate. The Fort Hood jihadi was hate. The Christmas underwear bomber was hate. The Fort Dix Six was hate. Pushing back against such hate is not hate.

I doubt that the rabbis know anything about the jihad doctrine that relentlessly seeks to violently impose Islamic law and pursues jihad against non-Muslims, or about the Islamic antisemitism that is deeply ingrained in the Qur’an and Sunnah, and that identifies the Jews as the worst enemies of the Muslims (Qur’an 5:82) and under Allah’s curse (Qur’an 9:30). When have they spoken out against THAT hate, because of which Jews suffer daily? When have they called upon Muslim leaders to reform the Qur’an and expunge its virulently antisemitic texts, which are routinely quoted on Palestinian Authority TV as justifying endless warfare against the State of Israel and Jews everywhere? What topsy-turvy moral compass have they employed to come to the conclusion that the “hater” is not the imams who routinely preach violence and antisemitism in mosques and on TV in Judea, Samaria and Gaza, but me when I try to call attention to the barbaric cruelty of the jihad against Israel?

“Pro-Muslim Subway Ads Going Up Monda” Jewish Week 

Rabbis’ group says campaign counters anti-jihad ads

Rabbis for Human Rights — North America is taking out subway ads urging riders to “choose love” in what the Jewish group’s director calls a response to the anti-jihad advertisements placed in subway stations by the American Freedom Defense Initiative, the group led by conservative blogger Pamela Geller.

The new ads, which will go up Monday, make clear that they’re a statement against the anti-jihad campaign, whose posters read, “In any way between the civilized man and the savage, support the civilized man. Support Israel. Defeat jihad.”

Rabbis for Human Rights’ ads say, ““In the choice between love and hate, choose love. Help stop bigotry against our Muslim neighbors.”

“We were concerned beause [the ads] frames this in the language of supporting Israel,” said Rabbi Jill Jacobs, the executive director of Rabbis for Human Rights, which has a membership of 1,800 rabbis. “We didn’t want New Yorkers to think that in order to support Israel, you have to dehumanize a whole other group of people.”

Geller insists that her ads attack only violent Muslims who hate Israel and that she feels the same way about other terrorists.

“These rabbis have good intentions,” she wrote The Jewish Week in an e-mail in response to a request for comment. “I am all for choosing love. My own ad is not hate speech, it’s love speech. It’s love of life speech …  Pushing back against such hate is not hate.”

Rabbi Jacobs said Geller’s writers define all Muslims as practitioners of jihad.

“We agree with her 100 percent that there’s no excuse for terrorism,” Rabbi Jacobs said. “But that’s not an excuse to come after an entire group of people, just like we wouldn’t want someone who’s concerned about settlers to use that as an excuse for anti-Semitism.”

Two Christian groups, Sojourners and United Methodist Women, also either have or will put up subway ads trying to counter Geller’s, according to The New York Times.

Geller’s posters went up late last month after her group won a lawsuit on free speech grounds against the Metropolitan Transportation Authority, which had tried to ban them.

helenatjewishweek@gmail.com; @thesimplechild

UPDATE: Washington Post: Judge: DC transit system must allow anti-jihad ads; says ads must be posted by Monday evening.


Koran 40:35 “They who dispute the signs (verses) of Allah without authority having reached them are greatly hated by Allah and the believers.” (Note: not just “hated”, but “greatly hated”.)
Koran 28:86 “Do not support the kafireen in any way.”
Koran 5.51 “He amongst you who turns to them (for friendship) is of them.”
Koran 48:29: “Muhammad is God’s apostle. Those who follow him are violent to the unbelievers, but compassionate to one another.”
Koran 8:60 “Terrorize the enemy of Allah and your enemy”
Koran 60:4 “We have rejected you, and there has arisen between us and you enmity and hatred, until you believe and worship Allaah alone.”
Koran 3: 118 “O you who believe! Do not take into your intimacy those outside your ranks. They will not fail to corrupt you.
-from Ahmad Sirhindi (1564-1624).
“The honour of Islam lies in insulting kufr and kafirs. One who respects the kafirs dishonours the Muslims… The real purpose of levying jiziya on them is to humiliate them to such an extent that they may not be able to dress well and to live in grandeur. They should constantly remain terrified and trembling. It is intended to hold them under contempt and to uphold the honour and might of Islam.”
-from ibn Taymiyya, “Book of Emaan”
“… true believers show animosity and hatred towards disbelievers and never support them.”
-from a lecture given by Sheikh Abdullah al-Faisal (H.A.):
“The implication of al-Baraa is that one hates for the sake of Allah (SWT)…Al-Baraa means to recognize who your enemies are and to hate them and exterminate them in their Endeavour to get rid of your Deen, al-Islam…Al-Baraa is to hate the people who propagate Baatil (falsehood)—the Muslim should hate them and (at least desire to) kill them when the time comes.”
(Note: A Muslim is to hate the infidels so that he will be motivated to kill them at a later time, thus carrying out Allah’s justice.)

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  1. the majority of Rabbis in the Bay area are useful idiots for islam. This doesn’t surprise me.

  2. “Love your neighbor as yourself”
    Forgive me, but how can I love my murderer if I’m not a murderer myself? And even if I was, it would be most unnatural for me as for eny other creature to love my slayer, and I don’t think, that any loving God would mind anybody having this godgiven fear of being killed, which is designed to best prevent God created creatures from being killed.

  3. “Love your neighbor as yourself?”! Sure thing – the only way I can look at myself in the mirror, let alone “love” myself, is knowing I am civilized and not a criminal moslem, who pretends to imagine they are so superior to all non-moslem humans, that it’s not only their right, but also their holy duty to their god, to extort, enslave, and murder all the non-moslems in the world, simply for the “crime” of not being moslems!

    As soon as they give up being holy mobsters, they will have earned the right for me to love them as myself!

    Until then, it’s based on earning it; as the same standards I apply to myself, I will apply to them!


  4. The Golden Rule is contradicted by Sharia law which makes kafirs unequal to Muslims.

    ‘Al-walaa wal-baraa’ (allegiance and apartheid) is normative Islam and the second most essential part of faith for Muslims.

    The rabbis are assuming that Islam contains an expression of the Golden Rule, but Muslims are in fact commanded to ‘hate’ kafirs and not ‘support’ them ‘in any way’.

    The rabbis should base their declarations on good research, rather than on subjective conjecture.

  5. Jihad is not loving.

    Jihad is the struggle to remove the human rights and civil liberties of women and ‘others’.

    Jihad needs to be criticized even if Muslims believe jihad is sacred. Jihad is human sacrifice.

    We do not allow the Aztec religion to commit human sacrifice either, because human sacrifice is primitive and ‘SAVAGE’.

  6. @harmond

    You said, “Jihad needs to be criticized even if Muslims believe jihad is sacred. Jihad is human sacrifice.

    We do not allow the Aztec religion to commit human sacrifice either, because human sacrifice is primitive and ‘SAVAGE’.”

    I like your premise. Very interesting and true.

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