Jihadist in Afghan police uniform murders two more of his NATO "allies"


“Its difficult to understand…” says this Australian ISAF Deputy Commander. (Not)

Another one says “I don’t even think about it….” (I’m sure not thinking helps…)

Green- on- blue or insider attacks have increased dramatically in the last two years. SBS Correspondent Karen Middleton is in Uruzgan Province, where she found that despite security upgrades, Australian commanders concede they can’t prevent these attacks:

That’s what we call  an “inside job”.

Look out for  complicit politicians  telling equally clueless reporters  ‘we will never know what motivated him…’

Afghanistan: Jihadist in Afghan police uniform murders two more of his NATO “allies”

There is absolutely no purpose for our troops to be in Afghanistan, unless the idea is to provide Afghan troops and police with targets.

“Apparent insider attack kills 2 NATO troops in Afghanistan,” from the Associated Press, October 30 (thanks to JW):

KABUL, Afghanistan – The international military coalition in Afghanistan says a man wearing an Afghan police uniform killed two NATO service members in southern Afghanistan.Tuesday’s assault appeared to be the latest in a string of insider attacks that have threatened to sever the partnership between international troops and the Afghan forces they are trying to train to take over responsibility for the country’s security. There have also been cases of insurgents donning Afghan uniforms in assaults….

In other news:

French train Afghan police Taliban ahead of drawdown

French soldiers train recruits to  take over security responsibility in Afghanistan.

Their primary mission will be to spread the rule of law  sharia in a country beset by decades of war.

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  1. How long will it take and how many more lives will be lost before polititions and blind do gooders wake up to the fact that you cant trust any muslim. They are lying deceitful bottom feeders fit only for fertiliser.

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