Koranimals rally in Tokyo, Ireland, Bangladesh, Londonistan….

Will be interesting to see how much more of this the Japanese will tolerate. Once the soldiers of allah engage in violence, the jig is up.

Mustard Rally in Ireland

Only Islamic freedom of speech permitted: remember, this is from the ‘peaceful’ Sufis!

Muhammad invented freedom of speech, but…. if you hurt his feelings, 1.5 gazillion Koranimals will come to chop  your heads off:


(Thanks for the reminder, Vladdy!)

Mustard Rally in Windsor

Anti-Prophet Muhammad video triggers peaceful protest in Windsor

“We want to say: ‘You’re not allowed under the title of freedom of speech to insult and humiliate others,’” said Sayed Ali, a leader of the local Islamic community. “This insult to the Prophet Muhammad is not only to the Prophet Muhammad, it is to the Christian people, Jewish people – anyone who is a believer in God.”

Who is this camelturd to tell free people what we are allowed to say?

I spit on Islam and your profit, Sayed Ali. If you don’t like it, take a flying carpet home!

Moving to Montana soon?


CADFA is a highly-politicised organisation that uses human rights as a facade to shield its apologism for terror and vicious anti-Israel sentiment.

Jihadi suicide bombers are  “martyrs” according to U.K. taxpayer-supported charity

Leftists never saw a jihadist they didn’t like: “Suicide Bombers ‘martyrs’ according to UK taxpayer-supported charity,” from the Jerusalem Post, September 24:


Muselmaniacs  torch Buddhist temples, homes in Bangladesh

3 thoughts on “Koranimals rally in Tokyo, Ireland, Bangladesh, Londonistan….”

  1. who told these knotheads that there are 2 billion moslems? Not even likely – more likely closer to 1 billion with pretend moslems who are of other religions but afraid of the death penalty for apostacy. Since there are no statistics kept in crapslam countries – I believe anything that comes out of these moron’s mouths.

  2. I am amazed that the civilized world accepts that there is room to allow this hateful cult into its midst, what I have found sorely lacking following the riots is the apparent moderate Muslim view. Where are the rational free thinking Muslim population, clearly this is not just about the film. The film although amateurish is based on facts out of the Koran and Hadith’s why so much anger about the truth? Or is there a deeper and more fundamental reason. Is it what the clip shows – the call for world domination and Sharia Law? The Muslim masses have validated every concern and action that Anders Breivik raised in his manifesto to explain his ‘mad moment’ (which I do not agree with). I cannot agree more than with Oriana Fallaci where she argued that Europe was turning into “an Islamic province, an Islamic colony” and that “to believe that a good Islam and a bad Islam exist goes against all reason”. The last three weeks show in definite terms how this is true, even the moderate Muslims have not condemned the murder and pillage rather they have sought to justify the actions due to the offence to their prophet. What we are seeing is what unfolded at the gates of Vienna in 1529, the World needs to wake up if not for their own religious belief systems then for the democracy it holds dear.

    1. I guess everybody knows ‘a good muslim’ but unfortunately there is no ‘good Islam’.

      A ‘good muslim’ is a danger to us all, whereas a lapsed muslim, or an ex-muslim, might just be the kind of muslim that can coexist in a secular environment. However, few would dispute that muslims usually take their ‘religion’ very seriously.

      Why so much anger about the truth?

      They can’t handle the truth.

      Muhammad was a criminal and a genocidal lunatic of the worst kind. Who’d want to convert if the truth is known?

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