Muslim Gangs Extort Jiziya from Pubs in Copenhagen

Pubs and shops in Nørrebro in Copenhagen are plagued by extortionists who threaten to trash the places if they do not get money.

When Café Viking owner ‘Mamma’ Jane Pedersen was threatened by a young thug demanding protection money, the bar owner held her ground. Her refusal to give in, and her decision to blow the whistle on what she said was a common problem in the Nørrebro district, led to a massive outpouring of support.

Now, it has also led to an arrest:

19-year-old gang member arrested for threatening ‘Mamma’ Jane

Café Viking owner’s stand against thug demanding protection money pays off

Here’s the earlier report:

Denmark: 67-year-old female bar owner becomes national hero for standing up against Muslim mafia’s jizya demand

67-year-old Jane Pedersen, owner of Cafe Viking, has become a national hero after she spoke out in public against the Muslim gangs that demanded “protection money” from her because she runs a cafe in “their territory”.

There are fears  the success is only temporary and it won’t last, because the authorities have no intention to crack down on the Koranimals. (Jihad Watch)

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  1. Time for the Danes to fight back. There is only ONE way to deal with these muslim thugs – give them what they claim they desire – death.

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